DIYs and Things to do to Bring in the Christmas Cheer

It’s only the first week of December. But if you are having any of the following symptoms i.e. shopping for Christmas goodies, telling your Christian friends to save you a piece of plum cake, thinking hard about what to wear for the Christmas Eve bash, you are a Christmas fanatic, just like me. Remember, believing in Santa does not require any proof of age. If you are excited to welcome Christmas, here is a list of 5 things things that you should do to bring in the Christmas cheer.

1. DIY: Candy cane nail art
This cute candy nail art is as simple as it looks. Here’s how to do it.

Christmas DIY Candy Cane Nails

You need:

• White nail paint
• Red nail paint
• Scotch tape

How to do it:

• Apply white nail paint to your fingernails
• Let it dry well
• Now, make thin strips of the scotch tape
• Apply the strips unevenly to the white base on the nails
• Apply the red paint on top of the strips
• After it’s dried, gently peel the strips off
• Apply a top coat to seal it and voila! it’s done.

2. DIY: Light Up Your Place

Christmas DIY - Light up your house

To get this pretty looking tree-shaped light, you need just a string of small bulb lights and a tape. You can do this with green or red lights too. Now, choose a blank wall which is close to an electric connection, take the string of light and stick it on the wall in the shape of a Christmas Tree. If you decide to be more creative, you can also draw out reindeer shapes with lights.


3. DIY: Gift Molten Orange Chocolate Lava Cake in a Jar

Christmas DIY - cook up a storm

Is your mouth already watering? Well, I certainly don’t blame you. This dessert in a jar is rich in flavor and filled with wholesome goodness and also makes an ideal option for gifting. You don’t have to be pro at baking to try this simple recipe.Follow this Molten Orange Chocolate Lava Cake recipe here. Once you are done with it, decorate the jar with red/green ribbons for the finishing effect.

4. Get your mobile in the mood

Christmas Carols

Pick your favorite carol, no matter how old you are, and make it your cellphone ringtone. You will enjoy the cheer that these jingles bring and welcome the festive vibe of Christmas.


5. Must watch Christmas movies

Christmas movies

Lose yourself in the spirit of Christmas by watching these all-time favorite Christmas movies. The best way you can enjoy is by watching with your folks or your group of friends over a cup of hot chocolate and dessert.

1. The Polar Express
2. Love, Actually
3. The Holiday
4. A Christmas Carol
5. Home Alone 1
6. Arthur Christmas
7. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Also don’t forget to make a wish to Santa this year too, you never know, he might just listen to you.

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