5 Easy Ways To Protect Your Jewelry from Wear and Tear

IMG_20131210_184608We love loading up on accessories, be it lots of bling, elegant statement pieces, or just fun trinkets. Jewellery is something that every woman enjoys wearing – be it real, semi precious or costume. And we are all significantly attached to certain go-to pieces in our collection. So, it’s all the more important that we know how to protect our treasured pieces from wear and tear. We spoke to designer Juhie Kothari, who has recently launched her semi-precious and costume jewelry line Juhie Kothari Statement Jewellery.  She shares some awesome and easy tips for us to take good care of our jewellery.

5 things you should do to keep your jewellery safe

1. Always wear your jewellery last.
While getting ready to go out, your jewellery should be the last thing that you wear. This protects it from getting affected by perfume and makeup stains.

2. Jewellery should always be kept wrapped in plastic.
All pieces should be kept covered in plastic. Be it a box or a pouch, it’s the plastic that keeps your metal from getting oxidised.

3. Jewellery should always be stored individually.
Keeping your earrings and necklaces together is a bad idea. The chances of damaging one or more items due to scratches is very high. Even while travelling, it is best to keep smaller pouches for different jewellery pieces to keep them from getting entangled with each other, which could also lead to breakage.

4. Choose a jewellery box with a soft interior and sturdy exterior.
The jewellery box helps prevent damage against external pressure. The soft interior will help maintain the original lustre of your jewellery.

5. Clean jewellery after each use
After wearing your jewellery for a certain number of hours, it is important to wipe it with a soft cloth to remove dirt and sweat. After doing this, place it in the storage container of your choice.

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