5 Ways To Wear Print On Print Like A Diva

Whether you take a look at the designers from international runways or glitterati at the red carpet, a hot trend you may notice in apparel and accessories is prints. We love wearing a classic jacket or pair of pants, which have animal or abstract patterns and combine it with a monochrome top. However, a cool new way of wearing prints is by matching them with… more prints!

Excited already? We are too! However, matching prints may go very wrong and your hot dress may look like a hot mess. So, here are our 5 simple tips to match prints like a total rockstar.

Floral and Nude
When combining different patterns together, start with something simple. Floral prints are the easiest to match with each other or with different patterns. In addition, you may try mix-and-match with nude or lighter shades, which don’t stand out much.

Print Tops, Clutch & Skirt

Similar Prints
Next, start grouping prints from the same family. For instance, you may combine different density of stripes or checks together to create an interesting look. You may opt for pre-matched apparel like jumpsuits, printed tops, jackets and more.

Print Jumpsuit, Scarf & Clutch

Similar Shades
Another way of creating a divalicious look in prints is by combining similar shades. A single tone in different prints will look sober, yet quirky. Take a look:

Print Top, Jacket & Wide Leg Pants


Bags, shoes, jewellery and more, we know better than to step out of the house without a smart accessory. Well now, you may try a simple top or bottom and match printed apparel with different accessories in colourful patterns.

Prints Leggings, Top & Clutch

Contrast Patterns
Finally, it’s time to go funky and bold. Try contrast colours and bold patterns with each other. This may be tough to pair, but try a few styles before stepping out and you may get an eye-catching look.

Print Top, Skirt & Clutch

Let us know how en vogue you look when you try matching prints. Send us your selfies @get_inonit and @stereowrite.

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Images courtesy: lulubetch.tumblr.com, pinterest.com, alittledashofdarling.com, shinysquirrel.typepad.com, fashion-district.org, chictopia.com, esther.com.au

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