5 Ways to Recycle Leftover Party Decorations

Just a few days ago you may have hosted last year’s finest party to welcome 2014 with a bang. You may also have smartly reused all your Christmas decorations to match New Year party’s theme. But now, on the first working week of the year, guess what is left; piles of party decorations and waste that needs to be sorted.

While you may go the conventional way, which involves hours of segregating, packing and placing individual items in respective drawers, there’s another, better way. Why not recycle all these leftovers? The seemingly never ending pile of papers and lights may be used for your home decor. Thus, you have minimal items to store back into the cupboards. Here are 5 ways in which you may recycle leftover party decorations.

Fireflies Lamps

A veritable addition to any evening soiree is a great set of lights. They offer a celebratory mood as well as a calm ambience. Instead of carefully removing, rolling and wrapping lights to use them for the next event, you may just take the whole messed up bunch; place it in a transparent jar and viola! You may have a great ambience in the house every day.Recycle Leftover Party Decorations: Lamps

Cake Decorations

If you are an avid baker, or often have healthy cupcakes or muffins for a quick bite, then you will love this. Use little crumpled pieces of tissue or wrapping paper, sew it together and make a pretty border for serving cup cakes, you may even use straws and colourful papers to make small flags for cakes. Use extra cup cake liners, fold them into triangles, cut them and make adorable flags or pencil tops.

Storing Confetti

Go green this year by cutting or shredding all the colourful wrapping or tissue paper, and converting them into confetti and using them for the next party.

Recycle Leftover Party Decorations: Cake Decor

Leftover Box Organizer

You may have leftover boxes from food ordered for the party. Cut them, cover them in leftover paper or strips of paper to make it creative. Use it on your desk to organize files and other items.


Have a really beautiful set of card or wrapping paper you do not wish to throw? Try this, use the whole or part of the paper, cut it into a medium sized square and laminate it. Guess what you have, really creative coasters. And if these tear off or get ruined, you always know how to get new ones last minute!Recycle Leftover Party Decorations: Coasters

What’s more, besides saving time and money, you may give these ideas to your children to make interesting items or have a fun weekend family project. Try it and write to us @get_inonit and @stereowrite if you have more innovative ideas to recycle leftover party decorations.

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