5 Ways To Style Your Uber-Trendy Kimono Top

When we think of a kimono, the first thing to comes to mind is the traditional Japanese garment. But in the world of fashion, a kimono is not just that. This new trend can be worn with almost anything—be it jeans, shorts or dresses. We tell you how to style your kimono in five different ways.

1) Wear It With Denims
ways to style kimono
You can never go wrong with a solid top and jeans. But an extra layer never does any harm. Add a kimono to this outfit and you’re good to go with it all-day-all-night.

2) Wear It With Shorts
ways to style kimono
Pair a long kimono with your favourite pair of shorts, so it doesn’t overpower you. Or simply wear a printed kimono with your monotone attire for a boho-chic look.

3) Wear It With Dresses
ways to style kimono
Give that special party dress an everyday casual look by pairing it with a loose kimono. Or belt your kimono over a dress to recreate the traditional kimono style.

4) Wear It With Skirts
ways to style kimono
Be it long, midi or mini, a kimono will enhance your skirt and make you look super cool. When wearing with short skirts, don’t forget to finish your look with a stylish pair of high heels.

5) Wear It With Crop Tops
ways to style kimono
Crop tops could be too bold for some, so pair it with a kimono to balance your look. Accessorise it a little for a cute and contemporary look.

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