5 Super-Easy Ways to Wear Eyeliner

We adore Po from Kung Fu Panda, but looking like him when heading out is surely not on our to-do list. Avoid the black eye and try these quick-fix solutions for you. Here are 5 amazingly easy ways to apply eyeliner.

1. The Daily Wear Liner

Ideal for: Wearing to work every day
This is the easiest way to do your eyes and stand out from the crowd. All you need is a simple line above your eyelashes that ends along with your eyes. Draw a thick one if you have big eyes and a thin one if your peepers are relatively smaller. Pair with mascara to complete the perfect day look.

ways to wear eyeliner
Practice drawing a straight, smooth line with an eye pencil or paint brush on the back of your hand. Once you’ve got that right, you can graduate to drawing a line along the natural shape of your upper eyelid. Here’s how you do it:
a. Stretch out and hold the outer edge of your eye. Use an eye pencil to create a light line parallel to your lashes.
b. Use a cake, cream or liquid eyeliner to carefully trace the pencil line till the edge of the eye. Wait around 30 seconds for it to dry.

2. The Thin and Thick Liner

Ideal for: A casual day look
Add a bit of oomph to your eyes by playing with the thickness of the liner. This style starts with a thin line at the beginning of the eye and gets thicker as you move along. It will open up your eyes, making them look bigger.

ways to wear eyeliner
a. Just as in the Daily Wear look, first stretch out and hold the outer edge of your eye. Then, use an eye pencil to create a light line parallel to your lashes. But, instead of drawing a straight line, go thin at the start of the eye.
b. As you progress towards the end, slightly elevate the stroke to make it thicker.
c. Trace the eyeliner over the pencil line.
d. Use a visiting card or paper at the edge of the eye to avoid smudging the thick line.

ways to wear eyeliner
3. The Kitten Eye Look

Ideal for: An evening out
You’ve seen the gorgeous cat-eye makeup, but have never given it  a shot. We’ve brought you its less dramatic cousin–the kitten eye. Here’s how to create that small flick at the end of your eye.

ways to wear eyeliner
a. Apply the liner in the same manner as the Thin and Thick one, by using an eye pencil to create a light line parallel to your lashes.
b. Use cellophane tapes to create sharp angles on your eyes, as shown in the picture.
c. Remove the tapes once you’re done applying the eyeliner to get that smooth finish.

ways to wear eyeliner
4. The All-Over Liner

Ideal for: Partying all night
This glamorous look will ensure you stay the belle of the ball when you go out at night. It features a simple upper liner as well as a very thin line below the eyes. A word of caution, though: don’t try this one if you suffer from dark circles.

ways to wear eyeliner

a. Apply the upper liner as in the Kitten Eye look.
b. Use a thin brush or pencil to apply a very thin line parallel to the lower lid.
c. Join the edges of both the upper and lower liners by extending the upper liner.

5. Coloured Eye Makeup

Ideal for: A sophisticated soirée
Create any of the above styles with a coloured eyeliner for an ultra-fashionable look. We suggest a shade of blue with an LBD and a grey or copper tone with a metallic gown. Read on to learn more.

ways to wear eyeliner

Tips to apply coloured eyeliner:
a. Pair it with a black liner to give a subtly coloured look to your eyes. Simply apply it above the black liner or blend it using an eye shadow brush.
b. Pick the right shade according to your skin tone.
c. Cream or liquid coloured liners may be more difficult to apply than plain black ones, so opt for a pencil coloured liner instead.
d. Never use coloured eye shadow along with a coloured eyeliner.
e. Gold, silver and copper tones are usually foolproof.

So, are you ready to wear your eyeliner like a pro? Do drop us a line if you have any other ideas or tricks.

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