5th August, A Day to Celebrate for All Beer Lovers!

You’ve got to wonder, why beer has always been associated with summer? It’s a brilliant cooling drink to relax on a hot day under the burning sun. A cold beer on a hot afternoon is one of the best combinations the world has to offer. One of the best sensations is the cool bitter liquid running down your throat, quenching your thirst and relaxing your body as you take large gulps of the soothing ale to beat the heat, in the confines of a bar, the balcony of your house, or, if you prefer the rustic, under the shade of a tree with the gentle breeze as your company.

Which brings me back to my pondering, why is World Beer Day celebrated in August, precisely, on the 5th of August. The dead of monsoon; rains, showers, thunder, lightning, winds, cold – none of this is what I would think of if you say the word ‘beer’. But still it is internationally celebrated on this day. Maybe the reasoning is that the whole world isn’t experiencing the same climatic conditions, maybe it’s hot in Germany, or sunny in Spain, as it always is. Here, behind my comfortable four walls, I can’t expect the world to set international celebratory days according to my comfort level, can I? Or maybe we should just have a special Indian Beer Day, so we can celebrate it ourselves, in our summer, according to our own comfort levels. And who knows, maybe we could celebrate the international day as well. Sounds preposterous?

But anyway, what it all boils down to in the end, who cares about when the day is. We should just be happy that there is a day to celebrate at all. In the end, its all about chilling out and having fun anyway. So go out and celebrate with your family, friends or colleagues, whatever suits you. One thing is for sure, beer is too good to pass up, and especially when it’s a celebration for beer itself.

Drink, Don’t Drive. Drink responsibly. Cheers.

- Sean Sequeira

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