6 Stacked Necklace Combinations GUARANTEED To Liven Up Your Outfit

When it comes to fashion, it’s all about how you accessorise. You can go from girly to formal to goth simply by changing your accessories. We’ve already told you how to dress up your fingers and hands with stacked rings and stacked bangles. We now present to you six adorable ways to wear stacked necklaces.

1. Girly
The prettiest way to stack multiple neck pieces is by wearing those that complement each other. In the picture below, we love how a series of diamond neck pieces are worn as per their size. Consider combining necklaces according to their length and size while trying this trend.

Stacked Necklaces - girly

2. Edgy
SJP, the ultimate style icon, wears her statement necklace with a twist, by adding an edgy piece to the stack. We love it, Ms Parker! Add a dark coloured statement piece to your regular chains and necklaces for a Gothic look.

Stacked Necklaces - Edgy - Sarah Jessica Parker

3. Tribal
Sometimes you don’t need multiple pieces, only two strong statement accessories work. In this case, the two tribal necklaces look stunning. Pick necklaces that are made from hammered metal and have aztec symbols for this look.

Stacked Necklaces - tribal

4. Hippie
Get in touch with your boho side by pairing random necklaces that you may have picked up from a flea market. Wear with a summer dress and shades. Don’t forget to add some colour by wearing a pastel studded necklace.

Stacked Necklaces - hippie

5. Casual
Want to try a casual weekend look? Combine dainty chains with cute pendants and wear with a classic shirt or dress.

Stacked Necklaces - casual

6. Traditional
So you thought stacking necklaces was only for your western outfits. Think again. You can try this trend with you Indian wear, too. However, ensure that you don’t end up stacking too many of them. Two or three pieces will usually do the trick.

Stacked Necklaces - traditional

Go on, dig into your accessories box and mix-and-match necklaces; we’re sure you’ll rock them. Buy beautiful statement neck pieces here.

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Images courtesy: andeelayne.blogspot.com, pinterest.com, callixto.com, thedocndiva.com, vogue.com, jewelorigins.com

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