Fragrance Fan: 6 Celebrity Perfumes That Actually Smell Nice

Today if you are a celebrity, you cannot completely achieve superstar status unless you launch a perfume. Some turn out surprisingly well, while others just plain stink. We give you our pick of top six celebrity curated and endorsed perfumes, you should definitely try. From fruity to sultry, each perfume is carefully made with the individual star’s picks of ingredients and splash of personality. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and try these delicious scents.

1. Britney Spears
Britney’s singing career may be on the verge of being over, and her life might have been a circus, but no one can say that this woman does know her fragrances. The Radiance perfume, introduced in 2010, is the ninth fragrance released by her. Radiance has a mix of floral notes such as jasmine, iris and orange blossom, with a fruity aroma of red berries and soft musk. It’s perfect as an afternoon aroma delight.

celebrity perfumesGet Radiance perfume here.

2. Jennifer Lopez
Just like herself, Jennifer’s fragrance is super sexy. Glow after Dark was introduced in 2006, and is the seventh fragrance released under her name. Jenny from the block kept it real with this sexy perfume of fruity scents such as mandarin, orange, white cherry and passion fruit, mingling with floral aromas such as jasmine, peony and rose, and finishing with earthy notes of musk and tree moss. It’s great to wear on a night out in town.

celebrity perfumesGet Glow In The Dark here

3. Christina Aguilera
Christina’s debut fragrance ‘Xpose’ was such a big success that she now has 12 perfumes under her belt. Our favourite is Red Sin, released in 2012, which comes in a provocative red-colour bottle and signifies a woman’s sensuality. The fragrance contains notes of red apple, spicy cinnamon, red flowers of cyclamen (which is used in love potions), red ginger, musk and sandalwood. This is the perfect perfume for when you are feeling naughty. celebrity perfume

Get Red Sin here

4. Lady Gaga
When Lady Gaga said she wanted her perfume to smell of blood and semen, we will be honest, we were scared. So when we gathered enough courage to try it, we were pleasantly surprised. While we were expecting to end up smelling of sweat, blood, semen and maybe hints of raw meat, the first-ever black perfume turned out to be sensual yet sweet and delightful to our nostrils. The unisex perfume released in 2012, has notes of belladonna (a poisonous flower), honey, saffron and apricot, mixed with tiger orchid and sambac jasmine. Well done, Gaga!celebrity perfumes

Get FAME here.

5. Antonio Banderas
Ever wonder what Antonio Banderas would want his woman to smell like? Well, now you have a chance to know. Splash Blue Seduction, designed by Antonio in 2012, is a delicious and refreshing scent made up of fruity fragrances of tangerine, peach and pear combined with floral notes of gardenia, jasmine and raspberry.

celebrity perfumesBuy Splash Blue Seduction here

6. Elizabeth Taylor
We’ve saved the best for last. It’s common knowledge that Elizabeth was a ginormous fan of diamonds, hence it comes as no surprise that she should name her fragrance—you guessed it—white diamonds. Launched in 1991, White Diamonds was a huge success and is today’s best-selling celebrity fragrance. The perfume boasts an exotic aroma, which includes notes of Italian neroli, Turkish rose, Egyptian tuberose, Amazon lily, Italian sandalwood, jasmine and narcissus.

celebrity perfumesGet White Diamonds here

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