Mix ‘N’ Match: 6 Versatile Looks From One Pair Of Denim Shorts

Hey, fashion lovers! We show you six different ways to style a pair of denim shorts. Don’t restrict yourself to wearing them only to the beach or nightclubs. Denim is a huge hit this season, with everybody who is anybody seen sporting denim shorts, shirts, dungarees and jackets. There is so much you can do with just one item like denim shorts. Style it however you want, according to your mood and personality, from a tough biker look to geek chic. And with those gorgeous legs of yours, you know you will be the centre of attention no matter where you go.

1. Denim On Denim
Denim is ubiquitous and available in every girl’s wardrobe. The denim on denim trend has been seen a lot lately, with Miranda Kerr taking the prize for the best style (and legs, of course). Pair your denim shorts with a denim sleeveless shirt for that hot day outing. Glam up the outfit by adding golden details to your attire, like a watch, collar bling and a chic sling bag.

denim shorts styleL-R: Top: Denim shorts, sleeveless denim top & golden watch; Bottom: Collar bling, golden sandals & white sling bag.

2. Tough Biker Girl
Things you require to toughen up your casual look: leather jacket—check, ear cuff—check, hardcore-looking booties—check. Now everybody knows not to mess with you or your style.

denim shorts style

 L-R: Top: Denim shorts, white tank top & ear cuff; Bottom: Black booties, black tote & leather jacket.

3. Geek Chic
The geek look is in, so why not get onboard the latest fashion bandwagon? Style your shorts with a checked shirt, oxford shoes and a satchel. To really take the geek look a notch higher, add a pair of suspenders and nerdy reading glasses. Who said you can’t know your fashion and the periodic table at the same time?

denim shorts styleL-R: Top: Denim shorts, red checked shirt & red oxford shoes; Bottom: Satchel bag, geek sunglasses & hairband.

4. Eclectic Mix
Get a unique look by pairing your simple denim shorts with an eclectic mix of pieces, like a fringed crop top, a reversible vest and spiked ballerina shoes. Strive to be different and you will be one girl that everyone will be talking about.

denim shorts styleL-R: Top: Denim shorts, reversible vest & crop top; Bottom: Jhola bag, hair accessory & spiked ballerinas.

5. Winter Ready
If you are lucky enough to live in places where it gets really cold, then winter wear is a major part of your wardrobe. But it doesn’t mean you have to forget about your lovely shorts and bury them at the back of your closet. Improvise and wear them over tights with booties and a gorgeous sweater.

denim shorts styleL-R: Top: Denim shorts, black tights & beige booties; Bottom: Satchel bag, white sweater & white pearl earrings.

6. Formal Yet Casual
Create a balance between casual and formal by pairing your denim shorts with a bright-coloured blazer. Keep the sophisticated look going with a trendy clutch and gorgeous wedges.

denim shorts style

 L-R: Top: Denim shorts, pink blazer & blue sleeveless shirt; Bottom: Midi rings, clutch & wedges.

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Image courtesy: lilylulufashion.com

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