6 Skin Care Myths busted

You’ve probably been bombarded with skin care advice and various rituals by your mom, aunts and friends, all promising to give you that clear glowing complexion you’ve always wanted. Can you really be sure that they work or are slowly turning your skin from bad to worse? Here’s the truth behind 6 common skin-care myths that you’ve probably heard and tried loads of times but to no avail.


Myth: Using loads of SPF products increases your level of protection against the sun.

You’re probably using a moisturizer with an SPF along with a foundation that contains SPF properties as well as your sun-block. However, all of these different SPFs are not adding to your sun protection, you’re only protected till the highest SPF that you are using. So if you’re your moisturizer contains an SPF of 30 and your foundation is SPF 15 and you’re using both, the SPF in your foundation won’t have much effect.

Myth: You’re cleanser isn’t enough to remove your make-up, you need make-up remover.

You can almost always take off your make-up with your average cleanser. Only if you’re make-up is waterproof would you need a specific make-up remover to take it off.

Myth: Standing under a shade can protect you from the sun.

The sun’s UV rays penetrate the atmosphere at all times and in all directions, even on a cloudy day and even through your windows when you’re sitting in-doors. You must simply use generous amounts of sun-block all year round.


Myth: You need to constantly wash your face if you’re prone to acne.

You were probably told to constantly cleanse your face during those pubescent years that would make your face break out. However, over-cleansing can irritate your skin and create new problems like redness and cysts. It dries up your face which makes your sebaceous glands produce even more oil.

Myth: Oily skin does not need moisturizers

Even oily skin gets dry in the winter and when exposed to air-conditioning which can cause dry patches. Be sure to use moisturizers that are suitable for oily skin, they protect you from dry skin, dust and pollution.

Myth: Takinggood care of your skin prevents or delays aging.

It’s always better to look after your skin well, but aging is affected by blood circulation. If your arteries aren’t in good shape, your complexion will look dull.  Massages, eating healthy and exercising are good for circulation and lead to glowing skin.


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