6 Trends Guys Hate But We Love

It’s true that men and women come from different planets and the way that guys view certain trends just confirms that belief. Here are some of the fashion trends guys hate but we love and will  never give up. Some of these are our fave trends that truly look great. Refuse to give them up and teach your man some true style.

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Pixie Haircuts
Unless you’re Emma Watson, men just can’t come to terms with when you cut your hair shorter than theirs. Its pretty cliché but they actually do love your long locks as they feel that short hair is not feminine enough. If we can stand by them when they experiment with ridiculous goatees and French beards that they like to believe that they can actually pull off, then they can learn to love your new short crop.

Giant Handbags
They think it’s silly to carry around your whole house with you. We get why they probably hate when we carry a 20 pound bag around with us, because they’re the ones who need to lug it around in the end when our backs and shoulders start paining. They can’t complain much though, when they ask us to stash their wallets, keys and what not  in our purses.

Too Much Makeup
Did you know that after spending all that time and effort carefully applying your makeup and transforming into what you thought was a goddess, is actually not appreciated by the opposite sex at all? Yes, that’s right! Most guy friends and boyfriends have confirmed this saying that they prefer seeing what a girl actually looks like. I agree, it’s best to keep it to the minimum rather than laying it on like a heavy pancake.

The average male brain cannot process why girls would want to dress like a human highlighter. Please assure your bfs that you’re not trying to look like a traffic cop in head to toe neon but wearing it in safe doses actually looks pretty fabulously fashionable.

Maxi Skirts/Dress
As much as we love these comfy and cute wonders, you will be surprised at what guys think of them. From not wanting you to cover up your legs to mistaking it for maternity clothing, we’ve heard it all! Don’t ditch them though, we all know how fabulously chic they are. Wear them often and they will grow on them.

Over-sized sunglasses
Guys prove that they really need us to teach them a thing or two about style when they don’t get our love for over-sized sunnies. They don’t see the point of covering half our face with “bug-like” frames. Get a nice pair that doesn’t make you resemble a bee or any other type of insect and they won’t be able to resist that glam charm of your fave shades.


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