6 Trends We Have Coco Chanel To thank For

Behind those designer Chanel bags, is the woman herself who equalized men and women in terms of fashion. In a world where Coco Chanel wouldn’t have been born, women would still be in corsets, huge shoulder pads and long skirts, can you imagine what fashion disasters we all would be then? She was awed by men’s clothing and believed that simplicity was the key to utmost elegance. Not only did she revolutionize fashion but also taught us to stay classy always as well as gave us some of the trends that are now essential in our fashionable lives. Here are 6 important trends inspired by Coco Chanel.  We have the sartorial genius to thank for the following:

Coco Chanel was enchanted by pockets, which was earlier confined to men’s clothing only. She included plenty of pockets in her collections, it’s only after her that pockets have become a part of women’s wear. Stuff your hands in those pockets ladies, you have the legend to thank for them.

She famously said, “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future”, that’s how much she stressed the importance and pioneered the use of perfumes. This is probably why she created a little bottle of liquid gold, commonly known as Chanel No.5 which is one of the world’s most famous perfumes.

Did you know that if it wasn’t for Coco Chanel, women would never wear pants? That’s right ladies, she rubbished the fact that pants were gender specific to men only and decided that women should enjoy the same freedom rather than being stuffed in a tight corset. I guess she gave womankind not only the confidence to wear pants in fashion but also in their relationships.

The Little Black Dress
The LBD is the one wardrobe staple we can never have enough of and can never go wrong with. It is the epitome of style that looks great for every occassion and is one of her most important contributions to fashion. No woman’s closet is complete without at least one LBD, we have the legend to thank for our favourite dress.

Pearls and Costume Jewellery
Coco Chanel was rarely ever seen without stacks of pearls piled around her neck, she loved fake bling and designed costume jewellery with glass, beads and chains. She felt that women could buy plenty more of affordable costume jewellery rather than pricey gem stones, so they could accessorize all their outfits well. Another reason to love this woman!

Impeccable Suits
She invented the classy Chanel Suit that will never go out of style. For dressy occasions or when they need to be dressed in their best, women around the world have turned to this boxy, collarless jacket and well-fitted matching skirt for an understated elegance that only the queen of classy, Coco Chanel could do best.

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