7 Awesome Things We Learned From Our Brothers

Okay so it’s Raksha Bandhan time and, needless to say, your social media is bombarded with messages of brotherly love. Now while we are all for being different, we are also major saps at heart and can’t help but adhere to all the bhaiya lovin’. So here goes, our very own ode to our lovely brothers. We know you do certain things, dear brother, and we may never say it to your face, but trust us on the fact that we try to emulate you every chance we get. There’s so much to learn from you, and how you live life and handle situations. Now, shoo! Enough niceties; where’s that gift already? *grins ear to ear*


1) How To Be Brave On The Outside
Don’t think we haven’t seen you get scared of mom or dad. We know that while your lip doesn’t quiver like ours does, life scares you at times, too. You feel as nervous as us before big interviews and life-changing decisions perplex you like they do us. But the one difference between how you handle things and how we do is that brave face. You don’t come home crying, hemming and hawing, or cursing the world. Your strong, silent exterior is something we take for granted. But God knows where we’d be without it.


2) How To Smart Talk
Oh brother, creator of sass talk. If this saying doesn’t exist, it really should: ‘Behind every smart-mouthed woman, there’s a brother who made her that way.’ If it weren’t for growing up with a pest who had a smarter, better, cockier answer for everything under the sun, we don’t know where half of us would be.


3) How To Be Persistent
We’ve seen you woo girls all our lives, and it’s been highly entertaining, might we add. In fact, some of us may have enjoyed this so much, it’s technically wrong. But there’s a really important lesson to be learnt here: when you really want something, you go out and get it. COME WHAT MAY.
Also, on another note: half of them have been way out of your league, but it’s so inspiring to see such confidence. :P


4) How To Be The Protector
It has been absolutely annoying to see our brothers, both older and younger, enforce deadlines and make rules for us girls all our lives. While we do admit that most times it was uncalled for, we can also understand that that was just our brothers playing the role of the protector. As we grow older, it’s easier to understand this role and it’s very endearing to have someone look out for you all the time.


5) Sense Of Humour
We fell and you laughed. That made us cry more than the hurt we got because of the fall. But today it’s that same sense of humour that sees us through most situations. Life is tough, and it’s unfair and most times we can’t control all the wrong in this world. But if in trying times we keep our sense of humour, we know we are going to be okay.
PS: Our family jokes, laughing at the same cousins, imitating the same friends, watching the same shows and cracking up; life just wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t laugh together!


6) Loyalty
When we were inadvertently doing something we had been specifically asked not to, and mom and dad found out, you displayed a skill that would have to be the basis of our very relationship: loyalty. One does not tell on the other. You may have taken your wrath out in many other ways, but never by ratting on us—and that is a quality one must applaud.


7) Total Acceptance
So we like different things—big deal! It would have been silly for you to play with Barbie dolls and me to play with Hotwheels. And maybe you were better at science, but some of us had better language skills. Over the years, we learnt not to mock the other and put down what we are both good at respectively. Yes, you were instrumental dear brother in teaching us the art of acceptance.
Love how far that’s gotten us today; we can show up wearing neon, with winged eyeliner and purple hair extensions and hopefully, the brothers wouldn’t bat an eyelid. Hey, if that isn’t acceptance, we don’t know what is!


Enough with all the praise right? This Raksha Bandhan, give your brother the gift of this article—it will reveal more than you probably ever have. Of course you can expect a real gift in return…DUH!

Happy Rakhi y’all!

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