7 Most Exciting Things to Do In Kolkata

Enjoy a relaxing tram ride in the City of Joy

Most Exciting Things to Do In Kolkata

Do you know everything about your city? Snehal Ruparel Chakraborty will tell you about the fascinating city of Kolkata also called City of Joy.

There is never a dull moment in Kolkata. The city is always bustling with life and offers something for everyone. Yes, you will feel irked with cars honking all the time, but you will certainly love the kaleidoscope of Kolkata madness.

So whether you want to admire the beauty of Kolkata, shop for gorgeous saris, or simply savour the lip smacking street food, you can do it all.

Located on the eastern edge of India and fed by the Hooghly, Kolkata has always welcomed tourists and surprised them with its vintage look and warm hospitality.

While there are numerous exciting things to do in Kolkata  here is a list of the top 7 things to do in Kolkata that would make your visit a memorable experience.

rickshaw ride

  1. 1. Vintage charm – Did you know that Kolkata is the only city in India that has tram cars plying on the roads?  You can board the tram at Esplanade and admire the green canopies of Maidan. Take a ride along race course and maidan, to explore the idyllic city life.
  2. Hand Pulled rickshaw ride- A hand pulled rickshaw ride would definitely top the list of the most unique things to do in Kolkata. These carts mounted on huge, slim tyres are balanced on the front by the rickshaw puller. Feels like a camel ride when the rickshaw wallah picks up the front bars of his cart with his customer snuggled at the back, and starts jogging at an even pace, as his hand held bell chimes a rhythm as old as the rickshaws themselves.
  3. Old favourites – Among places to visit in Kolkata are the Maidan, the South Park Street Cemetery, the Museum, Tagore house at Jorashanko, Belur Math and the Kali Temple. All of these places either are important historically, or places where people come to pay their obeisance.
  4. Potter’s paradise- If you love everything artsy then you ought to spend an afternoon in the narrow lanes of Kumartuli and Potuapara. Since Kolkata witnesses so many festivals, the artisans are busy almost all round the year, giving finishing touches to various idols. The most frenzied time of the year though, is before the Durga Puja, around the months of September and October, and you can click away the artisans at work. A visit to Kumortuli makes for one of the most exciting experiences in Kolkata.
  5.  Lip smacking- Kolkata is famous for its street food. And if you are wondering what to eat in Kolkata, stop at a roll shop and ask for a hot roll. Steaming grilled meat or cottage cheese (for the vegetarians) is rolled up with a well fried paratha, sprinkled with onions, chillies and a dash of lime. Makes for a succulent meal and is also easy on the pocket. Phuchka is a snack you must also try while in Kolkata.
  6. Shop till you drop- Shopping would well be in the list of the most exciting things to do in Kolkata. Explore New Market and Gariahat for a holistic shopping experience.
  7. Take a walk down the river promenade- Kolkata is one of the very few cities in India that has a stretched out river bank. The city’s municipal corporation maintains the river promenade well, and there are various parks along the banks, where you can stroll in the evenings. Boat rides are also available for those who want to feel the evening breeze in the heart of the river.

Go ahead and tour the city and tell us about your experience in the City of Joy- Kolkata.

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