7 Fashion Rules You Should Break

We’ve all heard of these clothing commandments that aren’t really justified. Fashion magazines and style experts may tell us what we should and should not wear, but isn’t fashion all about your individual style? Here are some fashion rules that are worth breaking to let our personal styles shine through. We break these 7 fashion notions that will help you make some super sartorial choices. Don’t worry, the fashion police won’t arrest you but rather applaud you for this.

1. Red and other bold lipsticks should be worn only at night
Whoever said that red and other lipsticks aren’t appropriate for day-wear didn’t know what they were thinking! A coloured pout is the best way to complete a look and make a style statement. Just make sure to tone it down in the day a bit, by wearing softer or lighter shades of red. Very deep colours like berry should be reserved for the night but bright, refreshing shades of coral and pale pink will make you shine as bright as the sun.

2. Don’t pair tights with peep toe shoes
I’m not saying pairing sandals with socks are alright, because that will never be ok, but tights can look really cute with these shoes. Try pairing printed tights with peep toes or printed shoes with plain tights and you can’t go wrong.

3. Never wear anything shiny or sparkly in the day
I’m not saying to bring out that all-over sequinned dress in the day but a little daytime glitter will definitely help you dazzle in the sun.  You can add a dash of metallic to your day look with a sequinned clutch or you can pair a sparkly top with a subtle classis like white skinny pants.

4. Don’t mix metallics
When it comes to jewellery, throw out those notions about not mixing gold with silver or bronze. All metallics are neutral so it’s perfectly fine to blend your bling/ Toss on a few necklaces or bangles in different metallics for an electic, contemporary style.
5. Always match your accessories
The days of matching your bag to your shoes and belt are long gone. Looking so ­matchy-matchy now would just make you look odd as it actually looks better to have accessories in a different colour. Using accessories in contrasting colours is one way to colour block, it also looks much more natural to pair accessories in different neutral shades like a grey bag with black shoes.

6. Don’t wear horizontal stripes
It is a misconception that horizontal stripes will make you look broader than you are. That can depend on the fit and the cut and not entirely on the stripes. The current Spring trend of all types of stripes puts this rule to rest. A nautical horizontal striped dress in a flattering fit will look fantastic and so trendy this season.
7. Don’t mix colours like black, brown and navy
Though it’s common to pick one dark colour and pair it with bright colours, there’s nothing wrong in mixing black or brown or navy. In fact, accents of brown or navy will add softness to an all black look and actually complement each other. For example, use a brown jacket to accessorize an all black outfit or a black belt on a chic navy dress will be a great choice rather than a fashion fail.


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