Are You Like Cersei Or Margaery? 7 Amazing DIY Braids Inspired By Game Of Thrones

We’ve fallen hook, line and sinker for Game of Thrones and the wait for every episode is killing us. And while we sit around and (pretend to) work, the fashion lover in us can’t help but notice the striking hairstyles and braids on the series. But here’s the good news. You can replicate your favourite character’s hairstyles all by yourself! Read on to know how.

1. Cersei Lannister
Her Style: Wilful, ambitious and strong yet simple and subtle.
We don’t really like Cersei but we can’t ignore her either. The character’s personality reflects in her long mermaid-esque waves. Here’s a particularly simple braid you can try from Cersei’s look.

Game of Thrones Braids - Cersie 

2. Sansa Stark
Her Style
: Feminine, young and fresh.
Sansa comes across as the quintessential popular-girl-in-high-school in the world of Game of Thrones. We like the soft makeup that highlights her skin and hairstyles that complement the texture of her natural auburn locks. Check out this tutorial on one of her very first braids that caught our eye.

Game of Thrones Braids - sansa

3. Daenerys Targaryen
Her Style
: Independent, strong and a powerful leader.
The fierce mother of dragons and our favourite woman in the series, the Khaleesi looks drop-dead gorgeous while building an army. Take a look at the Khaleesi braid, which only a true Targaryen can carry off… err, we mean it may just be tad bit tough to try at home.

Game of Thrones Braids - khaleesi

4. Arya Stark
Her Style
: Brave, smart, skillful and ready for challenges.
Tomboy Arya and her sword, Needle, have had their moments of glory every now and then. But Arya also has a feminine side, which we simply adore. Take a look at the girly Arya braid here.

Game of Thrones Braids - arya

5. Catelyn Stark
Her Style
: Matured, calm, courageous and smart.
Catelyn’s no-nonsense approach to life is truly inspiring—while we don’t really have to fight with swords, we sure do find commuting hard. Try this simple braid for a chic everyday look.

Game of Thrones Braids

6. Margaery Tyrell
Her Style
: Intelligent, scheming, political and graceful.
Margaery is one hottie and the men can’t get enough of her. Her nattural confidence and charm have won us over too, so we get you the Tyrell girl’s braiding ways to get gorgeous.

Game of Thrones Braids - tyrell


7. Melisandre
Her Style
: Seductive, influential and mysterious.
Let’s just say no one can rock red like this fiery priestess. And no one can get as mysterious as Melisandre, either. We bring you the secret behind her long, red locks and stunning braid. .

Game of Thrones Braids - melisandre

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