7 Incredible Facts About Your Skin That Will Help You Stay Beautiful

You’ve tried a (large) number of creams and end up spending a considerable amount of money to keep your skin healthy and glowing. But do you know the exact reason for your skin losing its lustre? We tell you some interesting facts about your skin that will help you understand the importance of your boring lengthy skin routine.

Facts About Your Skin1. Your Eyes Have The Thinnest Layer Of Skin
And your feet have the thickest. That is why it is essential to use eye creams and gently apply them with your ring finger. If you rub your eyes or squint in the sun without sunglasses, you’re sure to get wrinkles and lines. Your feet, in contrast, need regular exfoliation and heavy-duty moisturiser to seep inside those many layers of skin.

2. 50 Percent Of Dust Is Dead Skin
You wash your face twice or thrice a day to get rid of all the dirt and pollution. However, almost 50 percent of that dust is dead skin. Not just yours, but even of others (ew!) Every minute, your skin gives away almost 30,000 dead skin cells. So keep those facial wipes and face wash handy, girl.

3. Your Skin Renews Itself Every 28 Days
How you wish you could have a whole new skin that is fresh and glowing! Well, that can happen every 28 days. In less than a month’s time, our skin is renewed–the upper layer slowly moves to dead skin and is discarded. However, this process is slow and you wouldn’t notice the difference. But for your new skin to be healthy you need to take precautions regularly. Your moisturisers and sunscreens will keep your skin healthy for a longer time and work on the lower layers of your skin.

4. Moisturiser Is NOT The Most Important Thing
Shocked? Here’s our explanation. The epidermal barrier of the skin needs hydration from the inside, which you can only get from water, the right amount of oil and healthy food items. So, while you keep applying moisturiser to the outside layer of your skin, it will not help till you don’t change your diet. A good example is the skin of babies. They get all their nutrition from breast milk, thus don’t need external moisturisers.

5. Brush Your Teeth AND Your Skin
So, mom told you to brush your teeth regularly, right? Well, you need to brush your skin, too. Your dead skin cells are sometimes stubborn and won’t go away with a mild exfoliating cream. Exfoliate using a soft brush once a month, gently, to get better results. This will also help you get rid of hair ingrowth.

6. Your Skin Has Undertones That Define Your Wardrobe
Ever noticed how certain shades of red look horrible on you, while others are simply ravishing? That’s because your skin has natural undertones and goes best with a specific colour palette. Here’s all you need to know about your skin undertone.

7. Stay Away From Beauty Treatments During Your Period
Your skin is sensitive and tender when you’re on your period, plus the oestrogen is draining you out and leaving your body weak. During such times, getting a wax or a chemical facial will make your skin more vulnerable. It’s best to do it two to three days after your period is over.

Keep your skin healthy with these tips and stay beautiful.

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