Stylist’s Pick: 7 Louis Vuitton Bags Without The Allover Monogram

If Louis Vuitton is synonymous to the classic brown monogrammed bag to you, and you’d rather save up to buy something more understated that does not scream the label, this article is for you. And for all those girls who have only associated LV bags to the all-over monogram. It’s quite unfair because a Louis Vuitton bag doesn’t have to be brown or monogrammed all over– there are plenty of gorgeous, albeit significantly more expensive LV bags to choose from and these following selected few will, I’m sure, appeal to you too. 

Sobe Epi Clutch

You cannot go wrong with this one. So easy to pair with anything for a night out. This is one of my favourite LV clutches. My friends love their cars, bikes and even bathroom accessories, so it is completely fine for me to completely fall in love with a clutch. The Sobe Epi Clutch is a classic and will never go out of vogue.

Louis Vuitton Bags without classic mongram

Alma Epi

I simply love this top handle bag with a powerful shape. The Alma Epi is just pure, undiluted, in-your-face class. I would prefer to carry it around during the day – to work meetings or lunch.

Louis Vuitton Bag without classic mongram

Sofia Coppola Calf Leather Bag

This black beauty is perfect to carry around all day as well. This fabulous bag is something one can spend hard-earned money on and not spend a minute second-guessing that decision.

Louis Vuitton Bags without classic mongram

Suhali Lockit

If you love all things classic then you will love the Suhali Lockit. What I have my eye on is the largest variety of this purse. It’s elegance defined – not as stiff as it may seem, you don’t have to manoeuvre it around like a piece of luggage and it can fit a great many things.

Louis Vuitton Bags without classic mongram

Suhali Le Talentueux

Speaking of fashion statements! This bag may be a bit loud, but I find it delightfully creative. After all, if you’re young and adventurous, who said all your savings should only be spent on the classic and understated?

Louis Vuitton Bags without classic mongram

Vivienne S-Lock

Versatility has a new definition.  Trust me, the Vivienne is not to be missed out on! Although I find the monogrammed lock Vivienne totally classy, this orange and tan S-Lock would be my first choice.

Louis Vuitton Bags without classic mongram

Cuir Boudoir Lockit Chain

This is one of those versatile bags any girl would love to own.  Those luxurious chains handles and a sleek body that can even be folded into two, it’s a big bag that can be carried around with ease.

Louis Vuitton Bags without classic mongram

Is there a particular Louis Vuitton bag you could fall head over heels for any day? I must admit – for a brand so synonymous with it’s allover monogram, LV has a pretty awesome selection of classy and classic bags for those who prefer to let their personal style, and not the monogram, do the talking.

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