7 Makeup Rules To Always Follow

Every girl has a precious cosmetics collection that is like a personal treasure chest. Whether you use your makeup sparingly or all the time and irrespective of how much experience you have with applying your makeup, there are some makeup rules that we all must follow. Here are 7 makeup rules that you should think twice about breaking.


Use a foundation that matches your skin tone
The most common error we all make is using a foundation colour that’s wrong for our skin tone. This results in our face colour not matching the colour of our neck and the rest of our body. Always use a shade that is slightly darker than your skin tone but not much darker. It will cover flaws better and provide a warm skin tone.

Use An Eye Shadow Primer
Most people don’t know what eye shadow primer is, let alone use it. A primer is a cosmetic applied on the eyelid before using eye shadow. It helps the shadow last for many hours, prevents it from forming creases on the eyelid and helps the colour appear more vibrant. If you have a thing for eye makeup then you need to run out and buy a primer stat.

Do Not Share Your Eye Products
Not using your friend’s mascaras and eyeliners are a rule that not many of us take seriously. We transfer microbes with each use of these eye products which means that we’re basically sharing bacteria with each other. Be a good friend and save each other from the risk of eye infections.

Always Blend
Blending it all in is the key to applying your makeup like a pro. You shouldn’t be able to see where your foundation, blush and eye shadow begins and ends. Use a brush instead of your fingers as they expertly blend it all well and provide a smoother more natural application and not a pancakey-face.

Replace Your Mascara Every 3 Months
Many of us still possess makeup that is past its expiration date, using these products can cause bad reactions like rashes and breakouts as well as spread bacteria. Mascaras have the shortest life span as they transfer bacteria back and forth from the tube to your eyes which will lead to eye infections. It’s best to toss them out every 3 months.

Don’t Use Blusher Much Darker Than Your Skin Colour
Applying blusher that is more than 2 shades darker than your skin tone can make you look like you’ve escaped from the circus, especially if you’ve applied it circularly. Remember, the more natural it looks the better. So having cheeks that are flushed more than 3-4 shades darker than your natural colour will just look abnormal.

Don’t Forget To Remove Makeup Before Sleeping
We all know this but there are times when we come home after a night of partying and crawl under the covers without a second thought. Not only does it dry the skin but also speedens the aging process. Leaving your makeup on overnight will dull your complexion and lead to premature wrinkles. Not spending those 2 minutes to take it all off is not worth some extra lines on our faces.


Picture Courtesy: marielovesmakeup.blogspot.com

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