7 Websites To DISCREETLY Buy Sexy Lingerie And Bedroom Toys From

Let’s face it—no matter how open or cool Indians get about sex, we still live in a society where our neighbourhood aunty will frown at any form of PDA. In fact, married couples too need to be discreet about buying lingerie and birth control items.

sex toys online

And while this notion is changing, the process is very slow. So, to discreetly buy everything you need for the bedroom, we discovered these websites for online purchases. Take a look.

1. ThatsPersonal
From lubes to birth control items, you can find all you need on this site. Besides, they even have a blog that answers most of your queries regarding sex. What we like is the fact that browsing is easy and simple and they offer cash-on-delivery and self pick-up options. Check it out here.

2. ImBesharam
With Sunny Leone as the face of the brand, you can only expect good quality products and services. Pick from a range of naughty lingerie and bedroom toys. The best part is that they offer completely discreet shipping, so no problem of curious neighbours and family members. Take a look here.

3. ShyCart
Get almost everything from condoms to maternal wear and sanitary napkins delivered at your doorstep with total privacy from ShyCart. The site has adequate information about each product and more information can be procured on enquiry. Browse here.

4. Kaamastra
Kaaamastra has a wide variety of hot lingerie and massage products. In addition, they even have a forum and blog that discuss the latest in the world of sex and help solve your dilemmas about them. Get a sneak peek here.

4. Buy Undercover
Get exceptional bedroom and costume lingerie here, along with naughty accessories. You may not find sex toys or intimate products, but the other items here are worth a look. See here.

5. Sexpiration
Approved by major sex toy brands like Bathmate Pumps and Lelo Toys, Sexpiration is just the place for you if you want to buy intimate products for your bedroom. They even have a blog to help you understand their products better. Check it out here.

6. SpencersOnline
Get your sex toys and sexy lingerie imported from the US via this site. With international discreet delivery, this site offers fun items for pranks, mood lighting and even bikinis. Check it out here.

7.  MasalaToys
Established in 2009, MasalaToys has been providing interesting bedroom toys for couples and singles. You can even find sexy innerwear here. Browse the products here.

Also check out some pretty lingerie and innerwear at InOnIt. Write to us if you have any more suggestions for online shopping for sex related products.

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