7 Post-Workout Skincare Tips to Maintain That Healthy Glow

We know that nothing gets you going for the day like sweating it out in the gym or going for an early morning run. It helps you lose those extra calories, keeps you fit and gives you a healthy glow on your face. But your post-workout skincare routine will decide how long that glow lasts. In fact, if you don’t take care, you can get acne and skin infections because of your workout.

We share seven post-workout skincare tips with you to help you stay gorgeous.

Post Workout Skincare Tips

1. Get Out of Your Clothes: After you are done working out, change out of those clothes as soon as possible. Gym clothes tend to gather a considerable amount of bacteria and germs due to sweat, so get out of them instead of trying to cool off in the air-conditioning.

2. Go Hands-Free: Do not touch your gym gloves or sweaty hands on your face till you go for a bath. Always use a fresh towel to wipe sweat off. Your hands touch a lot of equipment and different parts of your body, along with gathering sweat. You don’t want it anywhere near your face—trust us!

3. Have a Cold Shower: When you go for a shower, opt for cold or extremely mild hot water instead of a warm, steamy bath. While the latter is tempting, the former will help your skin relax and balance the body temperature. This will ensure that there are no sudden fluctuations in your skin.

4. Be Gentle: Wash your face with a mild cleanser. You may want to use a harsh exfoliating face wash to scrub off the sweat and dirt, but this will only make your skin sensitive and vulnerable. After sweating out the toxins, the skin needs to rest and repair itself. After a bath, use a fresh towel to first wipe your face and then your body. Be gentle when using it on the face.

5. Moisturise: Once out of the shower, let your skin breathe for a minute or two, then use a hydrating moisturiser on your skin. Avoid rubbing it harshly, especially around your eyes.

6. Stay Hydrated: Drink at least a bottle or half a bottle of water after the shower too. You can drink water during the workout too, but a shower will leave your skin slightly dehydrated.

7. Always Wear Sunscreen: Finally, never make the cardinal beauty sin—stay sun-protected.

Go girl, get out there and get in shape while looking gorgeous. Let us know if you have any more valuable tips for skincare—we’d love to hear from you.

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