7 Things We Are Loving About iOS 7

After beginning the countdown till its release and patiently bearing slow server issues while downloading, iOs 7 has finally arrived on our devices. Not only have our iPhones and iPads gotten a facelift, but also cool new changes in functionality. Here are 7 things we are loving about iOS 7 and all the new features and tricks it has to offer.

The Colourful Design
The new visual interface is a welcome change from the iPhone apps and homescreen that have looked the same for the past 6 years. The new design is minimal, clean and colourful. It looks like a completely new device. Even if you don’t like it now, the trippy, happy colours and design will definitely grow on you.


The Camera
Taking amazing and clear pictures is nothing new to the iPhone, but the camera just got even better with iOS 7. A cool new interface helps you switch from camera mode to video to panorama extremely easily with a simple swipe. You can take pictures extremely fast by tapping the shutter button. You can also take picture while video recording. Instagram addicts will be delighted to discover that it even offers an option to click square photos which won’t need to be cropped when you want to instagram it. What’s more is that they have even added 8 picture filters for cool style effects for your photographs without having to use a third-party app for those effects.


The Bottom Control Centre
This is one of the best new features that will be extremely convenient for all. With a quick swipe from the bottom of the screen, you’re now enabled to access the flashlight, the clock app, the camera and the calculator. You can also manage your music, volume and brightness. On top of all that you can even adjust the airplane mode, wifi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb Mode and the rotate-lock, as well as manage AirDrop and AirPlay. All that with just a simple swipe of your finger tips!

bottom control centre

Message Time Stamps
One thing that Apple’s old operating system lacked was displaying the right time a message was sent or received. It would only display the time of the first message in the entire thread which could get pretty annoying for some. All that has finally changed with iOS 7. Now just grab a speech bubble in your iMessage or text messages and drag it to the left and it will finally show the time of each and every message.


Switching Between Apps
switching apps has never been this easy. Like before, double tap the home button to view your running apps and you will be presented with full-screen screen shots of all your open apps. Just swipe across them to the one you want to use, making multitasking extremely convenient. You can close an app by just flicking it upwards; it’s that nice and simple!

Multi tasking menu

The flashlight comes in handy for all of us even if it is to find your way around your house in the darkness. You can now go ahead and delete any apps you have that specially serve the purpose of a torch as it is an in-built feature with your new software update. You will find it in your bottom control centre making it easily accessible, even when your phone is locked.


Swipe Down For Search
Never again will you need to swipe left across homescreens to get to your search page. Now you can access the search option from anywhere on your homescreen by just swiping down in the middle of your screen. So quick and easy!



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