7 Ways of Losing Holiday Weight

Your favourite aunt’s Christmas cookies, that tempting looking lava cake, the vodka binge, and the daily desserts. This was probably your holiday month where you may have celebrated Christmas and New Years in style. A few days into 2014 and you may find yourself looking at the mirror disapprovingly. You need to take care of unwanted curve of love handles, bloated tummy, cellulite and more.

If you are eyeing the latest spring trend and want to get a curvy yet fit body, try these pointers and revert your holiday indulgence fat.

Losing Holiday Weight

Detox and Hit the Bottle

The header seems contradictory, but we are not talking about that leftover Chardonnay in the fridge. We are speaking about getting off the drunken bandwagon for a few weeks and sticking to a water routine. Consume at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day and detox your body.

Mad over Nuts

The age old tip from our mothers actually works. Have a handful of nuts like pistachios, almonds, walnuts and others. While these nuts are rich in nutrition, they are also high on oil content. Hence, do not consume more than a handful.

Replace and Replenish

Are you used to having a bunch of snacks at your office desk or at home? Well it is time to replace them with healthy items. In place of the fried chips get a box of cheaper nuts like peanuts or boiled chickpeas. Get a bunch of fresh berries, which are a powerhouse of nutrients and appeal to the taste buds. Also, replace mayonnaise with fresh yogurt and sugar with sugar-free alternatives.

Losing Holiday Weight

Go Green

Remember how Popeye gets his strength from a tin of spinach; well, green veggies will have the same effect on you. Full of fibre, these are great to fill your stomach and keep you in shape.

Dump Them

So your aunt did leave you some of those amazing cookies and those crème chocolate biscuits are simply tempting. Wait, stop! Dump all your holiday leftover. Yes it is heart breaking but comfort foods are a complete no-no. Try these healthy comfort foods.

Get Moving

Dance, yoga, running, gyming, walking there are a host of ways with which you may exercise. If you have the excuse of time, then try alternate methods. Walk almost everywhere you go instead of hailing the auto or cab. Try climbing stairs at home and office. Take a quick break and walk around or stretch at work. Add pre-workout food items in your diet.

Plan, Plan and Plan

Are these tips too much to fit into your schedule? Not so much if you plan it well. Write down your goals and fit your exercise and diet routine into your daily schedule.

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