7 Ways to Style a Headscarf

Ladies, it is time to ditch those woolens and gear up for summer. While you may stock up your wardrobe with shorts and crop tops, what about your hair? Well, you do not need to chop off those long locks cause of the sweat, we show you a few ways in which you may beat the heat and still look hot!

Manage bad hair days, heat and look trendy by learning 7 ways to style a headscarf. Try this for the ongoing Women’s Day wardrobe challenge, and win!

We adore hair accessories and hair bands. They look feminine and dainty. You may use an interesting scarf as your band. Get a messy hair do or a slight back puff, and then tie the scarf with its ends below.

Headband for Ladies
Headscarf Up do Bow
For this one you may need a smaller scarf than usual. Twist it until it has a narrow width, then you may wrap around your head and tie it on the top. You may leave the ends loose, tie it in a bow, or make a neat fold on a bun or loose hair. Take a look:

How To Do A Headscarf Up do Bow
Braid It
Fishtail, Dutch, or sleek ones – braids are everywhere! Use your scarf on this braid to give an interesting texture and shade to your hair. Start from the top of your head, or the edge of the braid and merge with your hair while tying.

Braided Headscarf
Turban Scarf
Want to go hippie style? Try this turban scarf. Cover your whole head, gather the ends at the back or on the side, and tie it in a messy way. Don’t forget to wear your boho hair and quirky apparel.

Turban Headscarf for Women

Vintage Scarf
The origin of headscarves started in the 50s and 60s where women wore it to create a sense of mystery. Try going the Audrey Hepburn way, and wear oversized sunglasses with it.

Vintage headscarf
Scarf Hair Roll
Opt for a sleek and chic look with this style. Tie your scarf as you would for a headband then twist your hair behind the scarf and secure with pins. This would look just right for that upcoming date or a brunch with your friends.

Headscarf Hair Roll
Simple Tie
Finally, the easiest way to style a headscarf would be by tying it on your ponytail or bun. For a cool effect, put it on fancy side dos and up dos with other hair accessories.

Headscarf on Ponytail
So, which one would you be trying for summer as well as the wardrobe challenge. Tweet us @get_inonit and @stereowrite.

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