Get Healthy Nails: 7 Ways To Care For Your Cuticles

You know that extra skin around your nails on the side and near the bed—yes, the same annoying things that keeping popping out and irritating you? They’re known as cuticles. And contrary to what you may think, they’re not there solely to annoy you—they actually help your nails stay strong and keep them away from infections. But we know it can be quite a task to care for cuticles and ensure that your nails look manicured almost all the time. So we give you tips to ensure that your cuticles and nails stay healthy.

care for cuticles

1. Don’t Cut Them
Okay, it is tempting to take that nail cutter or kitchen scissor and cut off the extra skin near your nails. But don’t, because that space will be open and any infection may seep into it almost immediately. If you do need to trim the side ridges of your nails, go to a professional nail technician.

2. Don’t Bite Your Nails
It is a nasty habit, you know that quite well. Saliva and bacteria in your mouth can actually weaken your nails and skin, leaving them vulnerable to breakage and damage.

3. Don’t Go Rough With Home Manicures
Often, while scrubbing or filing, you go overboard with your nails and cuticles. Avoid this as it may be a cause for sore skin around the nails and infections. Visit a professional who is gentle with your nails or get a light manicure at home.

4. Don’t Use Drying Chemicals
Dishwashing soap and detergent can be the most drying thing for your hand and nails. Always use gloves or necessary protection before using these products regularly. Also, opt for acetone-free nail polish remover and high-quality nail polishes. If trying nail art, ensure that the chemicals used are removed safely by your nail technician.

5. Do Push Them Gently
The best way to care for cuticles is by using the slant stick in your nail toolkit or a simple soft pen-like object. The best time is to push them back right after the bath. This will keep them out of sight and still protect them.

6. Moisturise
Cuticles get dry just like your skin and they may crack, flake or even peel; so, moisturiser is your best friend. It makes them soft and manageable, especially when you are pushing them back. You can even use Vaseline or oil.

7. Apply Special Cuticle Oil
There are special oils for the cuticle that soften them and nourish the nails. These oils make it easier to manage this extra skin around your nails. Find a good cuticle oil here.

Hope these tips help you get the gorgeous nails you’ve always wanted.

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