8 Dreadful Beauty Mistakes You Don’t Know You Are Making

How many beauty products do you have on your dressing table? Or in your handbag? But are you really taking care of your hair and skin? If you quickly responded with a yes, then think again.

These are dangerous beauty mistakes that you don’t know you are making.

1) Conditioner All Over Your Hair

Putting Conditioner All Over Your Hair

This is a common mistake most of us commit. We all are guilty of applying conditioner from roots-to-tips. However, hair closer to scalp are new and hence not damaged. It doesn’t need conditioning. Also, if you apply conditioner closer to the scalp, it makes your head greasy. This can also result in dandruff over a period of time. Save your hair and energy, apply conditioner starting from the height of your ears till the tips.

2) Lining Your Lips Too Dark

 Lining Your Lips Too Dark

We’ve seen so many women lining their lips dark and then filling in a lighter shade. Doesn’t make your lips look prettier, just a lot weirder. Instead, make sure you use the exact same shade of lip liner as your lipstick. Also, don’t use a liner with lip balm or lipstick that won’t stay as long as the liner.

3) Curling Your Eyelashes After Using Mascara

Curling your eyelashes after using mascara

Curling your eyelashes right after applying mascara can seriously damage them. Instead, either curl before applying mascara or wait for it to dry completely. Never use eyelash curler on wet lashes.

4) Not Using A Primer

Not Using A Primer

It’s called a primer for a reason. You are suppose to use it before applying foundation. However, how many of us actually end up using it? It is essential as it adds a protective layer on your skin forming a perfect base for foundation. Also, it elongates the lasting capacity of your makeup.

5) Not Applying A Top Coat And Base Coat

Not Applying A Top Coat And Base Coat

Like we need primer for skin, we also need a protective layering for our nails. Too much use of nail polish can lead to stained nails. It is better to use a base coat for protection and top coat to seal the color in.

6) Tying Your Pony On The Same Position

Tying Your Pony On The Same Position

Do you tie the same low, side pony everyday? Don’t. Change your pony styles every now and then. When you tie it on the same place every time it starts weakening that part due the tension caused on it.

7) Not Using A Heat Protector

Not using a heat protector

We straighten, we curl. The heat is however fatal for our hair over the long run. Use heat protectors for carefree hair styling!

8) Neglecting Your Neck

Neglecting Your Neck

Why is it that although you take utmost care of you face, you hardly pay any attention to your neck? Signs of aging tend to be more clearly visible on your neck and you must make sure when you apply sunscreen and moisturizer, you use it evenly on your neck as well. There’s a reason they mention it on the packaging. Also, when you apply foundation make sure you do so on the neck to avoid the appearance of uneven skin tone.

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