8 Innovative Excuses for Being Late

Nobody is perfect, we all have our flaws. And time management is something you can’t develop, we’ve tried! All the life hacks that people have thought of were implemented. It’s just bad luck, right?

Now when you’re 5-10 minutes late everything is fine and dandy, you can rely on the trusty ol’ traffic to take the fall. But once you cross that barrier of forgiveness, you need some accountable worthy excuses. Here is a list of beautifully weaved stories that you could sell to anyone… anddddd ACTION!

1)      Dhobi: You were obviously waiting for him to bring back your freshly ironed clothes but the ONE day you had to be on time, he decides to show up late. Tut tut Mr.Dhobi!


2)      Driver/Cabbie: He confused the city streets for a Formula 1 track, in come the traffic police, out comes the fine. ( You didn’t let him bribe the cop, since you’re such a law abiding citizen after all.)


3)      Neighbours dog: Just when you exit your door, you get blindsided by Lassie, the neighbours dog. Her mud filled paws manage to soil your freshly ironed clothes which the dhobi just got ( He was on time today).


4)      Your dog: He was about to choke on a ball and you had to rush him to the vet! C’mon, you walk em’, you feed em’ they can take the blame once in a while.


5)      Niece/Nephew: These little Rugrats decide playing hide and seek with your mobile phone is a great idea. You end up bartering a lot of candy for its safe and speedy return.


6)      The pandit:  The havan ran on longer than usual because the pandit was slacking during the recitation of the holy verses. Om yes!


7)      Lift:  High-rise buildings still have snail’s pace lifts, it actually took you 13 minutes to reach the ground floor. Don’t blame me! Blame Otis.


8)      Breakfast: You ate way too much papaya on an empty stomach. Save them the details, they’ll empathize.


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