8 Super-Easy Tips For Rain-Proofing Your Home

The monsoon is already here and its time you protected household items from getting ruined due to moisture and humidity. No, we’re not talking about leakage, cracked walls and other serious issues. We list the smaller things that need to be catered to immediately.

protect your homes in monssoon

1. Wooden Furniture
Humidity is the enemy of your gorgeous wooden furniture. So unless you want your handcrafted tables and trendy wooden chairs to  rot, we suggest you rain-proof them immediately. Apply a coat of polish or lacquer to all your furniture. This should do the trick.

2. Jammed Doors & Windows
This is a common problem—window and doors get jammed and tight during this season. The solution is also fairly simple: just apply oil to the edges to make them open easily. For a long-term solution, however, you need to ensure that they are fixed by a professional.

3. Bookshelves
Your prized books on the bookshelf are the most vulnerable to high humidity. If possible, put each of your books in plastic bags or place camphor balls and neem leaves between them. This will avoid any fungus or insect infestation. You can do the same with the clothes in your wardrobe.

4. Electrical Appliances
Moisture can ruin your expensive electronics with rust and reduced greasing. To prevent this, add oil or grease to the hinges and parts of your appliances. Also get a protective plastic cover for them for this season.

5. Hanging Wires/Loose Switches
This can be a source of concern for your family safety if not looked into it immediately; you need to get a professional to fix these problems at the earliest. However, you can switch off the main line of your electricity and use stick tapes to keep the wires and switches in place temporarily. Ensure that even after your main line is off, you wear protective gear like rubber slippers and gloves when handling the wires.

6. Carpet
If you’ve picked up an exotic carpet during your travels, it is time to store it well in a plastic sheet. Vacuum your carpets regularly and dry clean them more often than in other seasons. Ensure that you let it dry in the sun when possible.

7. Drapes
Just like carpets, your heavy drapes and curtains needs to be stored safely. Replace them with light and easy-to-clean drapes.

8. Indoor Plants
We know you love your plants, but having them indoors during this season will only lead to insect infestation and extra humidity. Keep them out and let them be watered naturally.

Try these tips and keep diseases and damage at bay this season. Do share with us if you have other easy tips.

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