Modify Yourself: 8 Types Of Facial Piercings That Are En Vogue

Facial piercings are no longer worn just by rebellious young teens. As with any other fashion trend, facial piercing styles come and go. Remember Christina Aguilera’s famous labret piercing, which turned out to be fake. Oh, what a scandal! The latest trend that is picking pace among starlets and hipsters alike is the new septum piercing. Whether you are a fan of these facial modifications or your friends are thinking of getting one, you atleast should know the names of the basic piercings and where they are located. Here are eight of the most common facial piercings.

1. Septum
This trend has been gaining momentum among Hollywood celebrities lately. Everyone from Rihanna (fake piercing) to Lady Gaga to a surprising Jessica Biel has been strutting their septum rings around town. This piercing looks very classy and is definitely a recommended choice for this year. Here, it’s not the actual septum of the nose that is pierced, but the soft skin just below it, which is sometimes referred to as the ‘sweet spot’.

facial piercingsScarlett Johansson with a stunning septum piercing

2. Monroe
Did you ever dream of looking like the gorgeous Marilyn Monroe? Well, now you have a chance to copy her famous beauty spot. The Monroe piercing is done on the upper lip, on the left side, to imitate where Marilyn’s mole used to be. Another similar piercing is the Madonna piercing, which is done on the right side of the upper lip and is named after—you guessed it—Madonna.

facial piercingsAmy Winehouse and her Monroe piercing

3. Medusa
It is one of the many upper lip piercings that you can choose from. The piercing is done below the nose, on the upper lip, in the little indent. This piercing resembles the labret, which is done on the bottom lip. These facial piercings are tricky and can take a long time to heal, if not looked after carefully.

facial piercings

4. Nose
This trend is famous the world over, not just in India. It is one of the most common facial piercings around. However, in India it is worn more as a cultural than a fashion statement. From big loops to tiny studs, nose piercings look elegant and feminine.

facial piercingsSonam Kapoor and her nose ring at the Cannes Festival 2014

5. Bridge
A bridge piercing is also known as ‘Erl’, named after the first person who got this piercing, Erl van Aken. And no, it does not make you cross-eyed. The right size and location should be as big as your nose, so that it does not appear in your visual parameter, while it should also be high enough for you to be able to wear glasses without discomfort. It is important to keep the area clear of any makeup and harsh cleansers during the initial healing process as the skin will be very sensitive.

facial piercings

6. Shark Bites
Double piercings are known as bites. Shark bites are piercings on either side of your lower lip and are a relatively newer trend. There are four piercings in all, two on each side. Like all the other oral piercings, maintaining hygiene is very important during the healing process. These are really fun and cool piercings, if you are looking to stand out.

facial piercings

7. Dimple
These piercings, as the name suggests, are done on each side of the cheek where your dimples are (or would be). These are not for the faint-hearted and require some guts. The most famous cheek piercings would have to be the ones recently done by Amanda Bynes.

facial piercings

8. Brow
This piercing can be anywhere along the length of the eyebrow and can be done horizontally or vertically. We saw fake heavy eyebrow piercings during NYFW at Rodarte’s show. Eyebrow piercings are very common and have been sported by a lot of people through the years. Who can forget Fergie with her famous vertical eyebrow piercing.

facial piercingsFergie and her eyebrow piercing

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