8 Makeup Disasters You Must Steer Clear Of

All of us are guilty of committing makeup mistakes at some point—and the only time we realise this is when we look back at our old photos. While our outfit occupies centrestage in our list of priorities, we often forget that it’s our makeup that can also make or break our look. Here are eight makeup mistakes to must avoid at all costs.

1) Wrong Shade of Foundation

mahie gillMahie Gill

Did you get a free sample of DiorSkin foundation that you’re itching to use? Before you put it on your face, test it out. You must make sure you choose a foundation that suits your skin tone. If you’re not sure which one is right, ask a store assistant to guide you. Remember to never check the shade on your hand—the colour and texture will always be different from your face. Apply a small quantity on your jawline instead.

2) Lip Liner Darker Than Lipstick

lipPamela Anderson

While applying a lip liner, ensure that it thoroughly matches your lipstick. Also make certain that both products have a similar lasting capacity. Avoid dark lips as they can make you look older.

3) Mismatched Blush

aditi rao hydari mismatched blushAditi Rao Hydari

Follow a similar colour palette when you choose your lipstick and blush. A maroon lipstick will not go with bubble pink blush. Decide whether you want the tone of your makeup to be cool or warm—and then stick to it.

4) Too Much Face Powder

drew barrymoreDrew Barrymore

Apply face powder only on the T-zone since it is essentially used to avoid the skin from getting oily. Powder tends to settle down on lines and wrinkles over time, making them even more visible.

5) Too Pale Concealer

selena GomezSelena Gomez

Choosing a concealer that is much lighter than your skin tone can make your under eyes look unnaturally highlighted. Make sure the concealer you use is just one shade lighter than your foundation and blends well.

6) Over-Moisturising Your Under Eye Area

Under-eye Mila KunisMila Kunis

While moisturising your under eyes tends to keep the area soft and supple, too much lotion can settle there, causing wrinkles and fine lines to look over exaggerated. Avoid this at all costs.

7) Clumpy Mascara

clumpy masacaraBrandi Glanville

If your mascara is looking clumpy on your lashes, it’s time to invest in a new one. Fix your sticky lashes using an eyelash brush.

8) Wrong Use Of Eyebrow Pencil

Angelina_bad_browsAngelina Jolie

While bold eyebrows can look striking, do not go overboard with it—a few, subtle strokes of eyebrow pencil should do the trick. Avoid heavily lining your brows, which can make them look made up.

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