8 Ways You Can Look STUNNING In Your Passport Photos

You’re a stunning girl who can be as pretty as a fashion blogger, when it comes to gorgeous pictures and selfies. But you dread anyone seeing your passport or driving licence photo. What is it about these pictures that make women look horrible?

We understand the frustration, so we did some digging and found out eight super simple ways to look gorgeous for every passport, driving licence or company ID photograph. Because let’s face it, it’s the one picture that stays with you for the longest time. Take a look.

look good in passport photos
1. Get Enough Sleep
Getting the right picture for your documents is not an easy task—you need to be prepared. Get a good eight to 10 hours of sleep the previous night and head over to the studio about an hour after you have eaten your breakfast. The skin looks well rested and healthy around that time.

2. Hydrate
Since you’ve had a good sleep and a light meal, it is time to drink up. Have at least a bottle of water before you go for your photo.

3. Apply Makeup
Fluorescent light at the studio can make your skin look dark and patchy. Apply a good foundation with kajal and simple eyeliner. Avoid cat eyeliner and eye shadow as it may not be approved for certain documents. Wear a neutral shade lipstick that suits your skin tone.

4. Put Your Selfies to Use
Once your face is ready, click a few selfies and know your best angle. Tilt your face accordingly at the photographer’s studio.

5. Don’t Be Too Trendy
Remember that these photos are going to be on your passport or licence for five to 10 years, so wear something classic that will never be out of style. Also, pick colours that complement your skin and face.

6. Speak To Your Photographer
Ask your photographer if there is an option of taking a few images and picking the right one. If not, adjust the light and camera angle to suit your face. You can check your photo by taking a selfie at the studio.

7. Take A Minute To Revise
Before you sit for the actual photo, see if you’ve got everything in place. Touch-up your makeup and hair if needed and rework your angles.

8. Smeyes!
That’s smile from your eyes. Think of a happy place and smile genuinely thinking about it. It will light up your eyes and reflect on your face. Let your tongue touch the roof of your mouth to get the right amount of smile.

So get a stunning passport-sized picture just like your Facebook profile image. Let us know if you have anything to share.

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