8 Ways To Protect Your Pretty Clothes This Monsoon

After a few hits and misses the rains are finally here, and they’re very welcome after the overbearing heat. But the monsoon brings in a lot more than just romantic weather and cool winds—it also brings in leakage and humidity. And while the leakage is bad enough, it’s the humidity that really causes havoc in our lives. Humidity means fungus and bacteria formation in your clothes, leading to bad odours and marks. Yuck, isn’t it? We show you how to protect your clothes from fungus and insect infestation this season.

Protect Your Clothes in Monsoon

Prevent Fungus On Clothes
1. While cleaning your cupboard, remove clothes tucked away in corners and air-dry them for a while. This will get rid of any moisture that seeps between them.

2. Do not keep damp or mildly damp clothes in the wardrobe. This will not only make your cupboard smell but also affect other outfits.

3. If possible, install a low-voltage bulb inside your cupboard. It helps generate mild heat which keeps the bacteria at the bay.

4. Keep silica gel packets in your wardrobe. They suck in all the moisture and keep the clothes dry. You can find these packets at your local chemist.

5. Put camphor balls in your cupboard to keep away moisture, fungus and insects in your cupboard.

6. You can also use natural items like neem leaves or cloves to protect your clothes from falling prey to fungus.

Cure Fungus On Clothes
If the fungus has already started ruining your clothes, you might think to throw them away. But there are chances you can actually save your favourite outfits. Here’s how:

7. Bleach: Hand wash your clothes with your usual detergent and clean water. Add a bit of diluted bleach and rinse for a minute. This should solve the problem. However, some bleach products are too strong and can discolour clothes, so it’s best to simply rinse instead of soaking. Always try the diluted bleach on other clothes before washing expensive items.

8. Vinegar: Vinegar is an excellent disinfectant for clothes. Add a bit of vinegar while washing your clothes in the machine and you should get rid of all the smell and fungus. You can also soak your clothes in vinegar by adding a cup of diluted vinegar to a bucket of water with clothes.

We’re sure these tips will help you save your clothes and keep them safe. Do let us know if you have any more interesting tips to share.

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