8 Windcheaters And Raincoats We Are Crushing On This Monsoon

The rains are here and it’s time to gear up with umbrellas, jackets and monsoon-friendly shoes. As a fashion-forward woman, why stick to last year’s boring windcheater? We show you eight windcheater and raincoat styles that will ensure you have a stylish monsoon.

1. Transparent
No need to hide your pretty clothes under your rain gear. Now you can protect yourself from the rain and look chic with transparent windcheaters and raincoats. We particularly like this piece, which is both unisex and trendy.

trendy windcheaters and raincoats - transparent

Fanto Extremely Comfortable Raincoat: Rs 532

2. Bright Colours
Get colour blocking and enhance your everyday commute during the rain with bright shades of rain gear. Go for neons, reds and minty pastels.

trendy windcheaters and raincoats - bright colour

Colour Raincoat For Women: Rs 399

3. Polka Dots
A fashionable classic and everyone’s favourite, you can’t really go wrong with polka dots. Get this protective rain jacket to look super-stylish.

trendy windcheaters and raincoats - polka dots

Versalis Polka Print Women’s Raincoat: Rs 1,050

4. Nude Colour
Nude is great for makeup, clothes, shoes and bags—then why not on windcheaters? Wear a neutral colour jacket while heading to work every day. It will complement almost all your outfits when it doesn’t rain, and give you protection when it pours. Check out this Zara piece we love.

trendy windcheaters and raincoats - nude

Pearlised Hooded Parka: Rs 5,990

5. Full-Length
Get total protection for your arms, legs and clothes by going for a full-length raincoat. Go for a solid colour or smart prints. We like this piece available online, but you can try your local store that offers women’s utility items and get a wide variety.

trendy windcheaters and raincoats - full lenght

Floral Design Raincoat For Women: Rs 349

6. Floral
Get the spring-summer trend on your rain gear too by going for this floral printed jacket. Combine with printed gumboots and you’re ready to rock in the rain.

trendy windcheaters and raincoats - floral

Jaded London Hooded Rain Mac With Garden Flower Print: £55 (Ships to India)

7. Trendy
Abstract, geometric and Aztec prints are the talk of the town. From accessories to apparel and shoes, we’re in love with them. If you want to break-free from monotone clothing, try printed rain jackets like this one.

trendy windcheaters and raincoats - printed

ASOS Rain Mac With Henna Print: £40 (Ships to India)

8. Sporty
Not a girly girl? Get this sporty windcheater for the season. You can use it in winter as well as the next monsoon.

trendy windcheaters and raincoats - sporty

Evolutiv Women: Rs 2,499

Liked out picks? Want to suggest other cool rain jackets? Drop in a line in the comments section.

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