9 Fashion Myths Busted

Myth: Curvy women can’t wear skinny jeans.
Fact: This couldn’t be more untrue. Be proud of those curves and flaunt what your mama gave you in a snug pair of denims. Bootylicious women look hot in skinny jeans. Pair them with a loose top if you want and high heels for a sleek silhouette.

Malaika Arora Khan wears her skinny jeans like a secind skin

Malaika Arora Khan wears her skinny jeans like a secind skin

Myth: Busty women can’t wear printed tops.
Fact: Actually, a cool print is great for distracting attention away from your chest. It will camouflage the area below it, making it a great clothing option ladies with an ample chest.

Myth: Mixing bright contrasting colours result in an eye sore.
Fact: In reality, mixing contrasting colours like bright red and fuchsia pink is ultra trendy. Just choose two central hues and keep the accessories minimal.

Emma Stone dazzles in her bright ensemble

Emma Stone dazzles in her bright ensemble

Myth: Black is slimming.
This is actually true. We’ve all seen the magical effects of a black outfit in giving us an instantly sleeker figure. Not just black, but other dark colours as well help tone up those wobbly bits.

Myths: Your shoes should match your bag.
Fact: Maybe when you’re 60 and are swapping style tips with Vidya Balan, but if you’re young and fabulous y’all would know this couldn’t be more further away from the truth. It’s all about mixing and matching now and the brighter and funkier your bags, shoes and other accessories, the better.

Myth: Short girls can’t pull off a maxi dress.
Fact: Some may feel that a maxi dress will overwhelm their petite size but as long as it’s well fitted and not trailing the ground, anyone can work this dress which has become a wardrobe staple. Make sure to pair it with a pretty pair of wedges for a lean and long effect.

Kourtney Kardashian doesn't let her height stop her from rocking maxi dresses

Kourtney Kardashian doesn’t let her height stop her from rocking maxi dresses

Myth: Horizontal stripes make you look big.
Fact: They don’t really make you look bigger but just attract attention to a particular area. The trick is to use this to your advantage and wear them to accentuate parts of your body that you’re proud of.

Myth: Avoid belting if you have a round waist.
Fact: On the contrary, a trendy waist-cincher is just what your figure needs. Wear a wide belt just below your ribcage to highlight the smallest part of your waist. It’s a smart trick to give you a sexy waistline in an instant.

Myth: Tall girls shouldn’t wear heels.
Fact: Women look fabulous in heels irrespective of how tall or short they are. Move aside that fear of towering over the others in your stilettos because in reality you never looked better. All you need is confidence to strut in those heels and bask in the fact that people are envious of your runway-model-height.

Deepika Padukone stands tall at 5'9 but still loves her high heels

Deepika Padukone stands tall at 5’9 but still loves her high heels



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