9 Things We Loved About We’re The Millers

We’re the Millers has created quite a buzz internationally even before the film released. Though the movie wasn’t something you would describe as fantastically amazing, it definitely is worth a onetime watch for inducing quite a few bouts of laughter and for a good star cast that includes everyone’s fave Friend’s star. It is that perfect film to choose when you’re in the mood to watch a movie but can’t decide which one. Here are 9 things we loved about We’re The Millers. *Spoiler Alert*

We're The Millers

We’re The Millers

  1. Any movie featuring Ed Helms who plays Stu from The Hangover is bound to be fun. He definitely entertains playing David Miller’s boss with a penchant for underwater creatures and even has a pet killer whale.
  2. Jennifer Anniston who plays stripper, Rose Miller and Jason Sudeikis who plays pot dealer, David Miller have a believable chemistry between them. The 2 are friends in real life and have done a couple of movies together before this which helps them carry the film together with a natural flair.
  3. It’s a stoner comedy involving a road trip. Now that is a tried and tested method that will guarantee you some sure shot laughs.
  4. Jennifer Aniston will wow you with a saucy striptease performance where she bumps and grinds and can teach you a lesson or two on pole dancing for strictly work-out reasons, what were you thinking?
  5. Anybody male or female, will definitely admire Jen’s hot, age-defying stripper body. With a smokin’ figure like that at 44, she is an inspiration to us all.
  6. The character Scottie. P who befriends Casey Miller (Emma Roberts) will have you in splits with his not-so-bright personality and habit of adding ‘know what I’m sayin’?’ at the end of every sentence. He even has the words ‘No Ragrets’ tattooed across his chest which is a joke in itself.
  7. There is a scene in the movie that features a hilarious foul-mouthed game of Pictionary where Rose (Jen Aniston) can’t control her potty mouth while guessing, which will have you in splits.
  8. Kenny Miller played by Will Poulter is one character who will make you chuckle whenever you think of him even after leaving the cinema. From his funny eyebrows to him bursting into a rap of ‘Waterfalls’ by TLC to him receiving lessons on kissing, he had us in bouts of laughter throughout.
  9. The gags and bloopers at the end of the movie are worth waiting back for. They’re sure to induce some giggles especially when the cast blast the theme song of Friends on the car radio for an unsuspecting Jennifer Aniston.
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