A Black And Gold Evening at Malt And Pepper

When we talk about Italian cuisine, what immediately comes to our mind is Pastas and Pizzas. And when it’s drinks, we picture a tall glass of wine. It was the same for us when we entered Malt & Pepper, the restaurant that is gaining popularity for its Italian cuisine. It is a two-minute walk from CST and is easy is locate. In order to do justice to the name of the restaurant, the place is adorned with everything in black and gold.

The place has soft-lighting that creates the perfect ambience for a relaxed dinner with family or friends. We chose to seat ourselves on the first floor that seemed cozier with a bar on one side (with foot stools and a flat screen TV that telecasted some cricket match for most of the evening) and low seating. After being presented with the menu, which mainly has continental and other cuisines to choose from for both plant and meat eaters, we called for the Malt & Pepper Mojito (coconut water, lime, mint, sugar and a bit of Vodka/Rum) and a Rose wine (Sula blush zinfandel). While the orangish-red liquid lacked the wine acidity, the cocktail was quite refreshing with a bit of Vodka added on request. Surprisingly, the cocktail too was served in a wine goblet!

As we sipped our drinks, and peered into the black booklet that revealed their dishes, we were slightly confused. Our eyes that are so used to seeing the Starters, Appetizers, Main course and Desert in the menu, found themselves lost in their scattered list. Most of the items on the menu were light on the stomach, but some organisation would have made the food’s intent clear to the customer.

Ideally, Italian meals begin with pasta, but for us this was at the end. We started off with grilled prawns neatly served with some Soya sauce. The Tomato Basil and mozzarella toastie —a sandwich that could have been better if the tomatoes weren’t overcooked and the bread slices were not as tough as they were. Next on our table was the Pot Pie Pizza that not only looked but also tasted delicious. The Grilled Fillet of Fish with Mustard Butter unfortunately came with mashed potato instead of mustard butter. And then came the much awaited Veg Penne Pasta in red sauce, which was not as appetizing as it looked.

The latest dance tracks and retro tunes certainly added positively to our experience. We munched and hummed at the same time. Overall, a mixed reaction toward both the food and cocktails.

- Suezelle D’Costa and Sonia Khudanpur

Location: 16 Marzban Road, Near Sterling Cinema, Fort, Mumbai

The meal for two (including drinks) is within Rs. 2000

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