A Chimp’s Tshirt Store

There’s a famous chimp in town, who sells really fun tees and more. The Chimp store is what we’re talking about. It has outlets across the city and they also retail at other stores. But what’s great is that you can also shop online from their e-store, which saves you the effort of getting out to buy one. When you have a look at their collections, the intended pun is pretty prominent with prints like Bai-cycle (where a bai is riding a cycle) Batman (where batman is playing cricket) or Ravan the juggler (no guesses for what he’s juggling with!). Not to forget their signature monkey print T-shirts that come in different colours. Their bags too have a dash of quirk and colour in them. Besides that, Chimp also has knick-knacks like keychains, diaries, badges and mugs. Chimp’s T-shirts are made out of 100% organic cotton. And why should that make a difference to you? Click here to know.  
We like their young designs and the price range is affordable too. A T-shirt would cost you about Rs. 599. 
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