A Day Spent In The Village With Blue Bulb

Always fascinated by ancient village stories and ones your grandfather used to tell you as a kid? Blue Bulb will take you out for a day of fishing in a village in Karjat along with other activities, just to give you that experience you’ve always wanted to have. 
Spend the day fishing in the pond, riding buffaloes in the river, eating fresh catch and napping in the midst of nature. Blue Bulb will give you a crash course in fishing where you will learn rod fishing, using fishing nets (which is a lot harder than it looks) in true village style. This trip is great for a group of friends to try something different other than a usual day of hanging out in the city or for tourists who want to experience a day in the villages of India. 
Your entire experience is conducted in an agro-farm where fishes are bred in huge ponds that have plenty of prawns and carp (rohu, carla) among others.
The one-day village trip to Karjat will cost you Rs. 899 that includes non-vegetarian lunch, tea and they also provide fishing equipments for the day. Shower and changing facilities will be available and at least 4 people need to be part of this trip.
To book your trip, mail them on booking@bluebulb.in or call on 9821423448. 
For more details on the trip, click here
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