A Fashion Stylist For Your Home

Who hasn’t dreamed of their homes looking like something out of a Karan Johar movie? While some might love the dramatic interiors of the Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham mansion, some might be in awe of the sleek and stylish designs of the Dostana apartment!
Our latest find, an online store called House Proud will take care of your whims and wishes when it comes to decorating and designing your home. The e-store makes an appearance with its array of designs and patterns in all the fields they have so systematically categorized. From butter dishes to brass trunks, House Proud has everything that you might need to make your home preen and pout!
Describing itself as an ‘exciting new treasure hunt’, the store divides its catalogue into four fabulous categories. Event Sales picks and finds one-of-a-kind items from a designer’s branded line at never before prices, Curated Collections is where you can shop for categories that promise to pump fresh blood in the body of your home, Kitchen Connoisseur will give you objects and items that would make a Sous Chef green with envy, while In Stores Now features a series of chosen works from a designer’s latest collection. Currently and temporarily, House Proud presents the newest collection from Sussanne Roshan’s, The Charcoal Project.
With a must-have collection in cutlery and soft-line furnishings, it will turn your home into a stunning and swankier version of itself! Browse through their catalogues and choose items for purchase via this online store here.
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