A Fresh Waffle’s World

Imagine a house made of soft, spongy, sweet waffles dripping with chocolate sauce. As a kid, you might’ve dreamt of such a house you could live in. And just when you thought that your dream would never come true, they opened up the World Of Waffles. This tiny food joint on Carter Road and at Phoenix Market City Mall in Kurla serves everything on a waffle. We liked their freshly made waffles that were soft and not too sweet. Top that up with Nutella and it really did remind us of our chocolate house. But the rest of the menu fails to impress you enough. The pictures of their brownie express look yum but in reality it tastes like dried crumbs of brownie on a waffle bed topped with not-so-great dark chocolate sauce. They have a simple menu of waffles with toppings like blueberry, maple syrup, banana rumba, our favourite Nutella, brownie express and waffle sundaes. This place is best for a quick morning bite of honey dripping waffles.
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