A Glimpse Of The Northern Lights in Finland

Sipping Lapland’s best beer, manoeuvring snowmobiles, campfires and amidst all of this, a glimpse of the Northern Lights or an Aurora (a natural light display in the sky). Head for a 7-day trip to Finland with The Backpacker Co to view this phenomenon common to high latitude regions.
The trip starts with exploring the city of Helsinki and later heading to Rovaniemi for a husky safari. In the evening, drive through the snow-covered forests of Artic and if you are lucky, you’ll view the Aurora Borealis. The trip also includes ice fishing, snowshoe walking, a visit to the historical side of Lapland and strolling the lanes of Tallinn. 
The trip is scheduled from 23rd March to 29th March 2013. For trip costs and more details, send an e-mail to sales@thebackpackerco.com. Click here to view the website.
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