A Long Leisurely Champagne Brunch at Koh

We’ve been wanting to try out Koh’s eight course contemporary thai brunch ever since it started and finally we were able to do so this past Sunday – a perfect plan for a rainy afternoon! After being seated comfortably at a table for four, we were served Moet champagne and toasted the beginning of a leisurely afternoon.

We were started off with a selection of Amuse Bouche – Krachai and hot basil nuts (roasted peanuts and almonds), Rock corn pearls and Spicy wok tossed edamame. We found ourselves picking only on the Rock corn pearls which were garnished with sea salt and thai basil, the others somehow just missed the mark.

Liquid break number one, Koh’s Up Martini, a blend of californian grapes, ciroc vodka and lemon grass chunks and kafir lime, was prepared at our table – it was fun to witness the bartender actually mixing the fresh ingredients and pouring our drinks for us. Mine was fresh and delicious.

The third course, “A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That”, was a taster of 2 small plates and a soup for each of us. This got a round of high fives from the table! Everyone especially enjoyed kittichai’s hand-pounded rock corncakes with spicy creamy sauce and the white Tom Kha soup served with fresh cilantro, which was served at the right temperature and was just perfect.

The next round of martinis was mixed – we ordered one orange and grape martini and one basil and cucumber martini – the basil and cucumber martini was yummy as the flavors complimented each other perfectly to make a very refreshing drink!

We were then served vegetable skewers which were very average – our least favorite of all the dishes. Any taste of the vegetables was overwhelmed by the oiliness and overall the skewers tasted quite bland.

Then was brought on the lychee martini – usually my personal favorite. We had mixed reactions to the frozen lychee martini – some of us loved it but for some, the sweetness was a little overwhelming. As the slush melted though, the taste did get better!

The next course was the Trio of Salad Sampler, which had three salads – raw papaya, mango and papaya salad. These were just all right and the raw papaya got voted the best of the three.

We couldn’t complain about anything in the main course / Large Plates – the green curry was flavourful, the tofu stir fried with trio mushroom was cooked just right, the spicy ‘sri-racha’ stir-fried vegetables and the spinach were also excellent. We also found ourselves taking multiple helpings of the Pad Thai.

Then the dessert was brought on – the flourless cake was definitely the best. We didn’t really enjoy the mango sticky rice creme brulee, the caramel and Kahlua martini shot was good but shouldn’t have been served with a straw as you get all the Kahlua first and it feels a bit strong as it hasn’t been mixed. The thai guava crumble was good but would’ve been better had it been warmer and served with ice-cream.

Brunch without alcohol is Rs 2000 per head (excluding taxes and service charge), but if you choose to have it with 2 martinis, it is Rs 2400 per head (excluding taxes and service charge). We had ordered the meal with martinis and champagne so the cost per head was Rs. 3000 (excluding taxes and service charge).

The ambience was perfect for a Sunday afternoon meal but the restaurant was not as packed as we had expected it to be. Service was very efficient and attentive. The best part though was that unlike other restaurants that serve Sunday Brunch you never have to get up and all the food and drinks are brought to you at the table. Definitely worth a shot if you plan to have some bubbly and a relaxed long lunch with friends or family.

Address, hours and information on Koh by Chef Ian Kittichai can be found here.

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