A Night At My House – Chez Moi

If you haven’t ventured out with a plan to eat at Chez Moi, chances are that you wouldn’t stumble across it easily. This small cafe is squeezed up tight among other eateries in a forsaken lane off Bandra Reclamation. But it does feature on a map, and most likely, will become a cool hangout spot for post adolescents and young entrepreneurs.

Chez Moi is a small cafe sitting in the ONGC Complex at Bandra Reclamation, between countless other cafes, restaurants and other manner of eateries which have sprung up down the same road in the last 2 years or so. What sets Chez Moi apart is probably its decor. The few tables set in the outdoor lounging area can be a nice place to sip coffee or wine, while smoking a few cigarettes. The cramped space indoors has more tables, and a lot more decor to speak about. With a dusky paint job, dim lights which look to be picked out from a post World War garage sale, tables and chairs which are quite comfortable, albeit they look rough and masculine, a bar set up against the wall and plenty of warmth even in the dead of winter, this tiny mix of old and chic fits its name of a seemingly French bistro which doubles up as your own little home.

What makes it increasingly popular with young professionals is the frequent number of performances by upcoming and established musicians. The candid setting allows the patrons to interact with the musician, request a song or two and get to know the musician. The One Night Only set, which features an artiste performing acoustic, is a comfortable setting which last featured amiable musician Sidd Coutto. This particular episode of the One Night Only was an Improv Music Night where the audience, by way of suggestions, was able to put Sidd Coutto’s musical talents and sense of humour to the test. Apart from taking breaks to perform a few of his own songs, Sidd kept the audience entertained with quick puns and whimsical songs based on suggestions from the audience, anecdotes from his own life, popular references and facts from the lives of individual audience members.

The collaboration of musicians with food and drink go well together, and if this continues for the foreseeable future, Chez Moi stands to be fantastic venue as a hangout spot.

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