A Night with A Million Twinkling Fireflies

Do you love bringing back home memories in a jar after an enthralling holiday? Like the seashells from the beaches of Florida or a little sparkly Eiffel Tower in a crystal box. Yes, we love bringing back such pretty things too. Come June, your memory jar will be filled with shiny little magical stars. Intrigued? Read on.
Celebrate the festival of fireflies with Grassroutes this June as they let you experience this natural phenomenon. Fireflies that glow in the nightsky and lighten up the paths of the not-so-lost wanderers will be your companions for the evening. Not many people know that these star-like things are a symbol of love. The flashing lights and patterns are a signal from the male species to the female species, which then find their soul mates with this luminous glow. 
Grassroutes will take you for a one night and two days trip to Purushwadi, home of the tribal Mahadeo Koli folks in Maharashtra. This cool and pleasant village that is a 1,000 feet above sea level wil be your home for these two days. You can become a farmer and help the locals plough the fields, sow rice, milk goats, chop some wood, draw water from the well or even climb trees! Find happiness in trekking around the gentle slopes with the fresh breeze and river water to cool you down. Eat organic vegetarian meals made by the locals and watch the sun set and rise over a panoramic view. And finally, lie down, take a deep breath, and get ready to be amazed by the dance of a million fireflies at night. 
Only the lens of your memory can capture the true beauty of this mystical sight. 
To book yourself this magical trip, call on 8879477437 or send an email to info@grassroutes.co.in. 
For more details on the tariff and rates, click here.
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