A Pretty French Patisserie Opens in Bandra

Let them eat cake!” she exclaimed. Named after the French empress, Marie-Antionette adds charm to the list of Bandra’s pastry cafes.
A pretty chandelier hangs low over a parade of sweet round lavendar, coral, chocolate, berry macarons, decorated with white flowers and delicate chairs, while the cute French owner of Marie-Antoinette welcomes you with soft music in the background. In a quiet Rizvi lane lies this new glowing French patisserie that looks like a mis-fit there, only because it’s so good looking. Choose from their list of flavoured macarons like caramel, coffee, chocolate, strawberry apple and more that are beautifully displayed behind the glass counter or try their French sponge cakes called Financiers, made out of imported almond powder.
They also have pastries, snacks like quiches and paninis and a list of hot and cold beverages like coffees, teas, milkshakes and juices. Affordably priced, get a macaron piece for Rs. 40 or a box of 12 for Rs. 400.
Lot of thought has been put to make it look like a quaint Parisian café. Even the take away menu is a pretty orange with the queen’s stamp on it.
Let us eat cake!
Marie-Antoinette is closed on Mondays and is open the rest of the days from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm.
Photo courtesy – Corbis Images
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