A Safari, A Forest Resort and An Eco Village

Your quest for surreal travel experiences must never get over. And our country where natural beauty flows in abundance, lets visit those places without harming them. Gypsies Outdoors strives at doing just that. They will arrange nature trips for you and make you discover unexplored areas. 
Out of their many trips, we liked the one where they take you to Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh, which is located in the Maikal hills of the Satpuras. Internationally known for its rich flora and fauna, here you will be enamoured by the many species that are an unbelievable sight. 
Start your 6-day trip (once you arrive at Jabalpur) by soaking in the Bedaghat waterfall, then check in to your resort rooms in Kanha. Go for a nature trail in the evening followed by a visit to an eco village.  
The next day will be full of mammal and bird sightings during the jungle safari that will take place in the morning and evening, where you may be able to spot tigers, sambars, barking deers, panthers and reptiles like the python, cobra, fan throated lizard and more. The Reserve also sports over 300 species of exotic birds. This will be followed by an overnight stay at the forest resort.
Riverine dense forests, fresh air and naturistic living, it is all so important to experience every once a while. 
The best time to visit Kanha is between November and June, and you can also be part of their upcoming trip scheduled to take place from 18th to 23rd April 2013. The trip will cost you Rs. 14,300 from Mumbai. 
You can also call them on 020 65202040 or 9158587861/2 or mail them on go@gypsiesoutdoors.com to book a trip.
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