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Aaria Brush Set

Brand: DIVO
Price: Rs. 770
Aaria brush setAdd style and bounce to your hair with the Aaria radial hair brush; best usedduring blow drying. The nylon bristles provide control by deeply penetratingthe hair while the natural bristles adds a healthy shine by distributing thenatural oil through the hair. For a lighter curl it is recommended to use abrush with a smaller barrel. If using with a blow dryer at home; direct hotair in the direction of the brush making sure to hold the dryer 3 to 5cm awayfrom hair. To blow dry hair evenly; keep brush moving along the shaft of thehair; working from the roots to the ends. Always lift hair up and away fromthe root area to allow the hot air from the dryer to penetrate into roots.This will give the hair fullness and lift.Ensure that the brush is rinsed monthly with gentle soap and water. Alwaysmake sure to dry the brush with soft cloth.Rubber Handle; Plastic Body with pneumatic pad cushioning & Ball Tip BristlesRubber Handle; Plastic Body & Nylon Pin BristlesLength 8.5; Width 2 inchesLength 8.5; Width 1.75 inches