Aaria Mini And Styler Brush Set Sold Out

Aaria Mini And Styler Brush Set

Brand: DIVO
Price: Rs. 760
Aaria mini and styler brush setFor women on the move the Aaria mini hair brush is the perfect portable styleaccessory. It has been designed to complement a mobile life style. The idealbrush for basic styling and detangling of hair. It can be easily carried inpurses or handbags. The pneumatic pad powers bristles to gently penetrate thehair; thus reducing the pulling and breakage of hair while styling. This brushalso has a massage effect on the scalp.The Aaria half radial hair is an all purpose staple; which can be used tosmooth; shape and polish hair. The closely set nylon pins grip and control thehair and are especially effective during styling of hair.Ensure that the brush is rinsed monthly with gentle soap and water. Alwaysmake sure to dry the brush with soft cloth.Rubber Handle; Plastic Body with pneumatic pad cushioning & Ball Tip BristlesRubber Handle; Plastic Body & Nylon Pin BristlesLength 7; Width 2.5 inchesLength 8.5; Width 2 inches