Pretty Pets: 6 Fun Accessories For Your Furry Friend

Reese Witherspoon’s Bruiser in Legally Blonde and Paris Hilton’s Tinkerbell have one thing in common—besides the fact that they’re both Chihuahuas. The two dogs were impeccably dressed in reel and real life. Sometimes, tender loving care just isn’t enough!

Besides diet and exercise, grooming is also important for your pets. If you’ve got a high-maintenance pet that you love to pamper, it’s time to shop, shop, shop.

1) Clothing

dogs in clothes
Those miniatures baby clothes are adorable, aren’t they? Here’s your chance to buy similar ones for your pet. You can pick between sweaters, t-shirts, dresses and stylish booties for your fashionable pet. Cooling coats and muzzles can be great for your furry friend, especially in India.

2) Collars

dog collar
You’ve never enjoyed dog walking more. Collars, leashes and harnesses are among the most popular accessories for pets. You can find these in soft materials like nylon, if you prefer not to use a metal chain. Colourful leashes are an all-season hit.

3) Toys

chew toy
The traditional wooden stick just won’t suffice anymore. Latex toys, rubber chew toys and squeeze toys can keep them busy when you’re too tied up to play with them. (Hmph!)

4) Utensils

dog bowl
Fine-dining is the buzzword today. Give your pet a taste of the good life (and the good food), with designer feeding bowls and plastic or steel. The utensils are available in twin designs, with stands and even a makeshift table.

5) Grooming


dag bath
A clean pet is a healthy pet. You have a range of options like shampoos, flea combs, fur brushes, nail clippers, shedding tools, deodorants and body massagers to choose from. It’s like a dog’s day at the spa.

6) Kennels

We know you don’t like caging them up, but when you’re travelling, you wouldn’t want to leave your pets behind. Kennels and cages are available in various shapes, so pick one that your pet is most comfortable in and can stretch its legs when standing. Carrier cages are light and allow for enough ventilation too.

Get Them At
You can find these accessories for pets at,,, and Just Fur You.

Pet fairs are another great way to find unique products. Dog A’Fair is a popular one in Mumbai, held twice a year in Colaba and Powai.

If you don’t have a pet but are on the lookout for one, we have just the thing for you. World For All has been organising the Adopt-a-Thon in Mumbai for a few years now. You can just walk in for a small entry fee and adopt a pet. Stay tuned for their next adoption drive.

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